Monday, 18 July 2016

Baobao's Activity Time: DIY Ring Stacker

For Christmas, Baobao received a ringstacker. Because the pole was on an elastic and could move, it proved to be too difficult for her. So we made her one. Using a kitchen roll holder (£5 from my local market) and bangles (50p each from my local charity shop).

I was eager to choose interesting bangles made from natural materials. They all have different shapes, colours and textures.

Baobao is able to choose her own toys, we have them set out in an Ikea Kallax unit, one activity per section, and rotate on a weekly basis. Since we made this ringstacker, it hasn't been rotated out. Baobao plays with it daily.

Ringstackers are brilliant for children's physical development and problem solving skills. Baobao is always very proud of herself when she gets a ring on. She also enjoys using them as bracelets and anklets, and so are great for her awareness of her body.

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