Monday, 25 July 2016

Baobao's Activity Time: Orange Pear Apple Bear

 At around 14 months, Baobao became very interested in stories. All day long, instead of playing with toys, she brought me books to read to her. As an avid reader and a lover of picture books, seeing her enjoy them brought me great joy.

One of the ways to get children to understand and remember stories, is by allowing children to act out and retell them. 

Baobao is obviously still a little bit young for that. Instead, I wanted her to handle the real objects from the story while I narrate for her. Similar to a story sack, but for the early language acquisition stage.

Each time we would encounter a fruit in the book, I would help Baobao match the real fruit to the one in the picture. By the time we had finished the story, Baobao could pick up the fruit as I named them. She especially enjoyed handling all of the fruits and eating them.

What other stories could you retell using objects? What are your children's favourite stories?

Update: About 2 months later, Baobao is able to name apple, bear and pear.

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  1. Love this idea with the fruit. I've been reading Eric Carle's The Very Busy Spider and using wooden animal figures alongside to my 10 month old son. My daughter who's older can join in with the story, sound effects and names too. Makes for a companionable experience!