Monday, 11 July 2016

Baobao's Activity Time: Our Weekday Schedule At 16 Months

This week, I want to talk about how our week looks. Baobao is very active and so I try to give her as much time playing outside, as we can fit into our day. I also try to let her do quite a bit of free play, as this is good for independence

Here is a general break down of our day:
8:00 Breakfast - Baobao and I sit down for breakfast together every morning. I find that it sets the right tone for her day and we have a much better day because of it.
8:30 Free play - Baobao has some time to choose what activity she will do, while I clean up after breakfast and get all of the going out things we need ready
9:00 Playgroups - Most mornings we have play groups. Our current groups include Toddler Group (Monday), Tots' Club (Wednesday), Jelly Tots (Thursday) and Toddler Sense(Friday)
11:30 Nap time
13:00 Lunch time - We sit together at lunch too. Baobao eats better when she can see that we have the same food. She also drinks more water if she uses a glass like we do.
14:00 Outside time (Park) - After lunch we head to our local park. Luckily we have a park two streets away from our house, that we can go to so quickly. Sometimes we bring toys, such as her push toy or her ball. Sometimes we go on the park equipment. Sometimes we walk around the park and Baobao looks at the plants, ground and local wildlife like ducks and geese.

15:15 Snack time

15:30 Structured play - We try and do an activity each day, where I play with her. Activities include messy play, music, drawing and singing.
16:00 Outside time (Garden) - Baobao loves to play in our garden. We currently only have a sand/water table, but plan on expanding to include a play house and eventually a mud kitchen.
17:00 Free play - Baobao has some more time here to choose activities, while I do some exercise and then prepare dinner.
18:30 Dinner time - Dinner is the one meal in the day, where I usually don't sit with her. Instead, she sits with her Baba to eat, while I shower.
19:00 Bathtime/Free Play
20:00 PJs, Story, Milk, Bed

So this is how our day looks at 16 months. Our weekends are much more free, since her Baba is home. We often visit her grandparents, go shopping or take her to a park that is a little further afield.

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