Thursday, 14 July 2016

Baobao's Favourites: 16 Months

Baobao turns 17 months on Saturday and so now seems a good time to reflect on the toys and books that she has enjoyed over the last month. We've recently had building work done and so have been confined to two rooms, so our play options have been a little limited. Baobao, however, has always flourished with a limited number of toys, as lots of options tends to overwhelm her.


When we first bought this for Baobao, it was a little too tricky. She understood what she was meant to do, but the wobbly base and movable inner pole meant that her hand-eye coordination hadn't developed enough yet. 4 months on, Baobao is able to stack with ease. Next, we will use it to learn about colours and size.
Baobao has developed a love for puzzles this month. She enjoys the challenge of trying to fit the pieces into the correct slot. This simple shape puzzle works well for when children are first learning to rotate objects and can then be used for learning colours and 2D shapes.

Baobao has recently learnt the word "car". Whenever we walk past a car, she has to stop and point it out. We got her toy cars down from her storage boxes in light of this development and the joy on her face proved to us that we had made the right decision. She runs around with them shouting "car car"

Baobao has recently taken an interest in Duplo. She's only just learning to put the pieces together, so we have limited the number of pieces she can use at any one time. Duplo is brilliant for fostering young children's imaginations, before they have developed the fine motor skills necessary to use Lego. 
Baobao's imaginative play skills have greatly improved over the last couple of months. She really enjoys using the pots and pans in her play kitchen to cook and feed us. She also uses them to feed her baby. Ikea's metal pots and pans also double up as great musical instruments.


In the last month, Baobao has begun to listen carefully to stories. Whereas before, she would only be able to focus on one sentence per page, suddenly she can listen to 4 or 5 sentences. Here are a few of her favourite stories.

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