Thursday, 18 August 2016

Baobao's Favourites: 17 Months

Baobao has just turned 18 months, so here is a quick look at the toys she has enjoyed this month.

Baobao's imaginative play skills have greatly improved over the last couple of months. She really enjoys using the pots and pans in her play kitchen to cook and feed us. She also uses them to feed her baby. Ikea's metal pots and pans also double up as great musical instruments.

Baobao is quite short for her age, so most hard bodied baby dolls are a little too big for her. This baby doll is the perfect size for her to wear, hold and feed. It has a soft body, which is the only drawback as it prevents Baobao from giving him a bath. 

Baobao has really enjoyed threading this month. She will regularly come to ask to take it out and will thread all of the beads before putting them back. They're excellent for fine motor skills practice.

The weather this summer in London has been lovely and one of Baobao's favourite activities has been water play. She has enjoyed mixing sand with water, using the ladle to tip water everywhere and most of all, getting mama wet!


This month, Baobao has really enjoyed non-fiction books this month. She enjoys acting out the emotions she can see on the children's faces, copying their actions or finding the body parts.

This book shows different children experiencing different emotions. Baobao loves trying to imitate the children and now links the children feeling sad in the book to the baby crying on the bus in the song. I really like this book, because I feel like in the future it will help to allow Baobao to name her emotions and make her more empathetic in time.

Baobao really enjoys playing head shoulders knees and toes, and this book extends that in to allowing her to find other body parts, such as elbows, teeth, etc. She also enjoys completing the activities that the children are doing, such as touching her toes or reaching up high. 

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