Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Baobao's Favourites: 19 Months

Baobao turned 20 months on Sunday. I'm not sure how I have a toddler who has been walking for 10 months and is closer to 2 than 1. This month has been a little unusual for us. While having our new kitchen installed, Baobao and I have been living out of my bedroom during the day.

It's been a huge learning experience for us, but we've actually found that Baobao is incredibly happy to only have access to very few toys at once. This bodes well for when we declutter her toys, as part of the KonMari Challenge.

Each morning, Baobao would be allowed to choose some toys to bring into my room from hers. Here are some of the toys she chose repeatedly.


Baobao has really enjoyed puzzles this month. She has gotten very good at matching shapes, so we wanted to try something a little more tricky - matching patterns. After doing this puzzle with her a few times, she now will quite happily work on it on her own.

Another one of Baobao's favourite puzzles. She finds the latches on 1 and 2 quite stiff, but really enjoys the challenge of finding the animals inside. We're mostly working on naming the animals and the sounds they make at the moment, but are also starting to count too.

Baobao really enjoys using Duplo. She likes connecting different pieces together and then taking them apart again, to add different pieces. She currently only has access to about a fifth of the pieces provided in this box. Overall this box has the perfect amount of Duplo for any child.


Baobao has really enjoyed Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne this month. She tries to name all of the different fruits and animals, as well as Handa and her friend Akeyo. After each read-through, she will 'read' the book herself. Her love for this book has coincided with her beginning to speak in sentences, meaning that part of her second read-through will include sentences such as "Elephant eat mango." and "Zebra eat orange.".

So here are some of Baobao's favourites in the last month. What toys and books did your children enjoy at 19 months? What toys and books do you recommend we try out?

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