Monday, 10 October 2016

KonMari Challenge Week 1: PREPARATION WEEK

In preparation for Xiaobao's arrival and as part of my ongoing quest to have a home that actually suits and reflects our family, I have recently decided to restart the KonMari process. I originally read Kondo Marie's "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying" in December 2015, followed by "Spark Joy" in January 2016. Although I made a good start, discarding clothes, papers and books readily, I unfortunately stalled on komono, as life with a 1 year old and various DIY projects got in the way. 

As fate would have it, just as I was thinking of restarting the process, a 26 week challenge group was started on one of the KonMari groups on Facebook. This was the kick I clearly needed. A quick way to do the whole KonMari process, with support from other enthusiasts around the world, who are at exactly the same stage as me. It seemed perfect for me.

The challenge involves breaking down the different categories into weekly chunks and so doing one category per week, with added weeks for things belonging to your children, especially if they are too young to do the process on their own. I have reorganised a couple of the categories, where I feel that items would better fit into other categories, but will be following the process fairly quickly.

So here I am at week 1 - preparation week. This week is designed for you to prepare yourself mentally and to prepare a space physically for the journey ahead. This process begins with reading the book - I bought my copy, but you could rent it from your local library - and writing your vision statement, a process that is covered in the book. Next, you prepare your physical space setting up a space to sort through your items, a staging area if you will, and your system for disposing of discarded items.

  • Read the Books
    - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying
    - Spark Joy
  • Write your personal or family vision statement
    - Personal Vision Statement
    I need some me time. I want to be able to have some time for a hobby and this blog at the end of the day, when Baobao and later Xiaobao have gone to bed. Something to recharge my batteries for the day ahead. I try to practise gentle parenting. Currently, Baobao is at an age where she has lots of big emotions that she finds difficult to manage. In order to support her in learning to manage her emotions and to act as a cup to contain her overflowing emotions, I have to be an empty vessel. I can't do that without some way to recharge my batteries. Without some me time, I won't be able to support my children in the way that they need at this age. So I need to declutter and have a house that I can return to perfect at the end of the day in minimal time.
    - Family Vision Statement
    As a family, we try to spend at least one day a week doing something together. Having our kitchen redone has forced us to go out together to do Autumn hunts in the woods or spending the day with family. It's allowed us to bond more closely as a family and has meant that my other half and I have argued less. Prior to the building work, I would constantly feel guilty about the amount of housework I could be doing when we went out on trips as a family. I would end up stressed and we would end up arguing. By having fewer useless or unloved objects, I hope that my housework routine will take much less time, allowing me to enjoy these experiences and take part in more daily experiences for Baobao and later Xiaobao, which in time will create a much calmer and happier family life.
  • Set up your donation system
    - Broken items to be thrown straight out
    - Saleable items to go on a local Facebook group for 1 week
    - Anything not sold to be donated to charity on the Saturday
  • Set up staging area
    Once my kitchen has finished being renovated, I will use the back half of my living room as a staging area. Its a lovely bright area, that offers lots of space for sorting, as well as being fairly free from major distractions.
    - Items that have yet to be sorted to be stored in a bag/basket behind the armchair in the living room
    - Items that have been sorted and are being kept, to be put away straight away
    - Items that have been sorted and are being thrown out, to be put in the bin straight away
    - Items that have been sorted and are being sold/donated, to be kept in the bench until collected/donated
Are you planning on following the KonMari process? Check back here every Monday for progress updates as I take my home from cluttered to joy sparking.

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