Monday, 31 October 2016

KonMari Challenge Week 4: CHILDREN’S CLOTHES

Week 4 is children's clothes. While Kondo Marie advocates allowing children to sort their own things, this isn't always possible. For the purposes of this challenge, if children are under three you sort items for them. They're not ready to understand the concept of what items bring them joy. Then for the over threes, you support them to do it themselves. A good way to do this is to get them to put the items in order from favourite to least favourite and then allowing them to keep their favourite 5-10, depending on space and type of item.

I knew that I would find this category difficult. While my wardrobe has been made up of whatever fit post pregnancy, my daughter's wardrobe, especially past the 6 month point, has been one of the things to bring me joy over the last year. To add to this, I had gotten rid of quite a few items when she had first grown out of sizes. So what was left were things I had already liked Baobao wearing.

I have realised though, that if I want the two of them to share a wardrobe, then Baobao will need to have fewer clothes, as will Xiaobao. For this reason, I needed to go through the clothes again, to only choose the items that truly bring us joy.

All clothes before

Baby Clothes (including those in attic/storage) 

We have chosen not to find out whether Xiaobao is a boy or a girl. While sorting through the clothes that we have in storage for Xiaobao, I was looking for comfortable, unisex clothing that allowed lots of movement. I have kept a few of Baobao's dresses that truly brought me joy.

All baby clothes up to 9-12 months
Newborn (50) clothes before
Newborn (50) clothes folded ready for Xiaobao
Up to 1 month (56) clothes before
Up to 1 month (56) after
Up to 3 months (62) before

Up to 3 months (62) after
3-6 months (68) before
6-9 months (74) before
6-9 months (74) after
9-12 months (80) before
9-12 months (80) before
Children’s Clothes
Baobao really enjoys wearing dresses and skirts. She chooses her own clothes from her wardrobe each morning and without fail, it is a dress or a skirt and top combination. I have also sorted out all of her poppered vests, since the extra time it takes to change her with them on makes her upset. I have managed to reduce her items however.
12-18 (86) before
12-18 (86) folded after
12-18 (86) hanging after
18-24 (92) after
18-24 (92) after
2-3 (98) before
2-3 (98) after
Kid’s Shoes
I sorted my daughter's shoes while sorting her clothes in baby sizes, so they are in the pictures above. As for her sized shoes, since she has started walking, we have chosen to sell the shoes with specific width sizes, as she grows out of them.

Sports Uniforms
At 20 months, Baobao doesn't have any sports uniforms yet

Bags to sell and donate
Clothes to grow in to for Baobao and Xiaobao. We'll donate or sell these as Xiaobao grows out of them.

Are you taking part in the KonMari process? How did you find sorting through your children's clothing? Does their wardrobe now spark joy for them and for you, or have you found that you have to now buy clothes that do spark joy?

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