Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Baobao's Activity Time: Our Christmas Activities 2016

1. Reverse Advent

Although we don't have much ourselves, I'm very aware that there are many who have less. Christmas is such a time of high consumption and materialism, that I want to teach Baobao early to share with those in need. Our local foodbank are always looking for more donations. 

Each day, I will encourage Baobao to add one item from their donation list into a box. Then on the first Friday in January, we will take the box to our closest donation point. To help Baobao know what items to put into the box, I will print pictures and include them in her advent calendar, making this a daily activity. We'll have a £15 budget to get all of the items on the list.

2. Book Advent
One of my favourite activities to do with Baobao is to read. I have several Christmas and winter themed books left over from when I was teaching. Every day we will read a new book every day. As it's our first year, and we haven't got the funds to buy lots of new books, some of the days will be activity days, instead of book days. This will include sensory activities and days out.

As with the reverse advent above, I will print pictures of the book covers to allow Baobao to find the story.

3. Christmas Activity Box
Originally we did this on Christmas Eve, but want to use items over the whole of the Christmas period instead this year. Each evening I will put items into the box for the next day's activities. This will include the day's book and reverse advent item. 

Other items will include:
  • Polar Express Ticket (to take car trip to see local Christmas lights)
  • Advent Calendar
  • Christmas Pyjamas
  • Christmas outfit
  • Christmas hat
  • Christmas jumper
  • Christmas Activity Sticker Book
  • Christmas DVDs
  • Christmas CDs
  • Resources for Christmas Activities 
  • Resources for Christmas Sensory activities.
  • Sealed Christmas Eve box:
    Hot chocolate/eggnog
    Christmas eve snacks
    Christmas mugs

4. Christmas Crafts
  • Fingerprint fairy lights
  • Mistletoes
  • Christmas cards 
  • Christmas baubles
  • Christmas tree decoration
  • Gingerbread man
  • Christmas baking
5. Seasons School
We are going to be following the Seasons School Solstice Workshop this year. Seasons School is a nature based curriculum, that allows children to learn at a relaxed pace based around the seasons of the year. The Solstice Workshop will include winter solstice activities for children in a non-denominational manner.

What activities are you planning on doing with your children this December? Any activities I could add without making our December too full?

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