Monday, 7 November 2016

KonMari Challenge Week 5: BOOKS

Books! I've been a long lover of books, but rarely reread them. I do find them incredibly hard to let go of, however, constantly thinking, maybe I will read this one again. This is especially true for reference books, which I will often keep, because I think the information is useful.

Prior to my initial KonMari attempt, we had six shelves of fiction books, plus another three of reference and cookbooks. I had reduced all of my books down to one and a half shelves and my husband had reduced his down to one shelf. It still hadn't quite reached click point for me.

As you can see I originally kept very few fiction books, preferring to keep reference and cook books.

All books before

General (pleasure reading) 
I still kept about half of my fiction books. These are books that I find visually appealing (the pop-up fairy tale books are absolutely gorgeous) or books that I hope to share with Baobao in the future.

General books before

General books after

Phone Books

We don't have any phone books.

Cook Books 
I love flicking through cook books, but generally don't use them to actually cook. Instead I will browse the internet for a recipe to use. The books that I have chosen to keep, are ones that I have used many times in the past and would like to use again, once I have reached click-point with the house and can live the life from my vision statement.

Cook books before

Cook books after

Note Books

I only have four notebooks, two that I am currently using and two that bring me immense joy.

Visual Books/Picture Books
Reference Books 
The one type of book I struggle to let go of, if reference books. I always think I will go back and use the information, but I rarely do. These are just my books that don't relate to activities with Baobao. Those I will tackle during Children's Learning/Homeschool week.

The books I have chosen to keep, relate to the current stage in my life - decluttering and preparing - and the life I want to lead in my vision statement. The ones I have chosen to pass on, I can access the information online, or I have taken pictures of the information I want to keep.

Reference books before

Reference books after

School Books/Text Books 

Books to sell or donate

Books to keep

Are you taking part in the KonMari process? How did you find sorting through your books? Does your bookshelf now spark joy for you? How will you access new information now that you have fewer books?

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