Monday, 28 November 2016

KonMari Challenge Week 8: OFFICE SUPPLIES

I really struggled with beginning this category, going so far as to skip ahead and do other categories first. It wasn't that I was irrationally fond of my stationary, I'm not, but at 32 weeks pregnant I couldn't face the thought of collecting everything. We keep most of our office supplies in our office/storage room. With various DIY projects and building work going on, it has become difficult to access quite afew parts of that room and I just didn't want to access it.

I finally too the plunge yesterday morning, cutting it very close to the deadline. In the end, I only collected the items that I could easily access. I'm sure I missed some things, but I plan on tackling those as part of the miscellaneous category. As it stands, next weekend my husband and I will finally tackle the office space, to make it easier to access the rest of the categories.

Office Supplies - Before

Spare Change
I haven't applied the KonMari process to our spare change. That's because we have a really elaborate way of dealing with change. Pound coins are split between three savings tins that cannot be opened. One for gifts for family, one for Baobao and one for Xiaobao. Currently all 50p coins go to Baobao for her piggy bank, but will be split between her and Xiaobao once Xiaobao arrives. Any change under 50p goes into the large jar, which we change up once a year when full.

Credit Cards
Rewards Cards
We only have reward cards for shops we use regularly

Bubble Wrap
Mailing Boxes
Since I rarely post things, preferring to sell locally or have gifts directly shipped to the recipient, we don't keep envelopes, bubble wrap and mailing boxes at home, preferring to buy them as and when needed.

Filing Cabinets
I actually had quite a few notebooks that I have bought over the years, used briefly and then abandoned. I plan to copy the relevant info to the computer and possibly this blog and then recycle. The only notebook I kept was my current blog planner.

Sticky Notes
Hole Punches
Clip Boards
Folders/Page Protectors
I had a few folders left over from teaching, that I had kept just in case. I realise that if I do happen to need one in the future, I can buy a new one, especially as my taste will have changed.

Label Makers
Staplers and Staples
Rubber Bands
Paper Clips
I ended up discarding most of my pens, keeping enough to fit into one drawer of my stationary box.

White-out (tipex)
Coloring Books/Sketch Pads
|I had some colouring books and pages leftover from when I became very interested in colouring for adults two years ago. Unfortunately, I don't see myself finding the time with a toddler and a newborn and so have decided to let them bring somebody else joy.

Office Supplies - after

Office Supplies - after

Office Supplies - after

Office Supplies - after

Office supplies - sell/donate

 Are you taking part in the KonMari process? How did you find sorting through your Office supplies? Do you now find it easier to access the stationary you need to use? Have you honed your sense of what stationary you prefer to use and brings you joy?

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