Thursday, 8 December 2016

Baobao's Christmas Gifts 2016

Lately, I have seen lots of parents asking about Christmas gifts on various Facebook groups. I have directed them towards the one hundred toys list, as well as my own break down of toys types by age, but thought today I would share the toys that we have gotten Baobao this year and the reasoning behind them.
Grimms Geo Blocks £28
Building Blocks
We love building blocks here at Baobao Tea and Soy. They improve coordination, building strength in fingers and hands, that will improve writing skills in the long term. They teach about gravity, balance and geometry, as well as teaching math skills. Then, of course, there are all the language opportunities when describing the size and shape of the blocks.

Children who are read to have a broader, more sophisticated vocabulary and tend to be better at writing stories later on. Conversations with an interested adult, leads to better comprehension and thinking. Wimmelbooks encourage both of these aspects, allowing children to find objects and stories in the pictures, while encouraging open ended conversation with the adult sharing the book.

Felted Butterfly Wings £5

Dress Up Costume
Dressing up is an incredibly important part of childhood. It helps children to develop 'theory of mind', the empathy and ability to realise that your own feelings may be different to somebody else's. Baobao has a handful of costumes, which we will gradually replace with play silks and fabrics that she can use to create her own costumes.

Brio My First Railway Set £32
Wooden train sets are amazing for fine motor skills, strategic thinking and for building imagination, as children take part in their own small world play. They also allow children to play through scenarios of danger safely, allowing them to come to terms with real life events.

Hape George Luck Rainbow Frog Puzzle £5.99
Picture Puzzles
Baobao absolutely loves puzzles. Puzzles are amazing for problem solving and fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination and concentration. Completing developmentally appropriate puzzles independently gives children an important sense of achievement. Basically, they're one of my favourite all round toys.

Crayola Chalk £2.25
Art Materials
One of our aims this year, was to buy Baobao consumables for her stocking. We wanted them to be used up throughout the years. For toddlers, art materials are the perfect way to do this. As Baobao has paints and crayons already, we have opted for chalk, pencils and felt tips, as well as new PVA glue. Mark making is a really important precursor to writing and drawing allows children to represent the things that they see in their lives.

I hope this helps you a little in choosing Christmas gifts for your own toddler this year. What have you decided to get your little ones this year? Are there some art materials you would suggest that I get for Baobao? Maybe some natural alternatives?

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