Monday, 12 December 2016

KonMari Challenge Week 10: CHILDREN’S BELONGINGS

With Christmas just around the corner and Xiaobao due to arrive in January, week 10 couldn't come soon enough. Over the last year, I've thought more carefully about the type of toys we want Baobao and Xiaobao to have, as well as our parenting/educational philosophy.

For Baobao, we wanted to keep natural, open ended toys as much as possible, that both Baobao and Xiaobao could play with for years to come. For Xiaobao, we wanted to keep natural toys that would aid development in the first year. This made choosing toys to keep quite easy. I have kept a handful of toys that spark joy for Baobao, but do not fully fit in to our philosophy, such as the Fisher Price Eggs, as well as the Duplo, which while not natural, provides so many learning opportunities that we could not discard it.

Since discarding some of Baobao's toys, she has played more carefully and for longer periods with the toys that she does have, confirming our choices and philosophy.

All toys before
All toys before

Books before

Books after

Building Toys 
Building toys before
Building toys after

Dolls/Figures/Soft toys
Dolls/Figures before
Dolls/Figures before
Soft toys/Puppets before
Soft Toys/Puppets after

Reality Toys (Kitchen Sets/ Tool Benches) 
Kitchen before
Kitchen after
Kitchen after
Kitchen after

Dress up after

Balls before
Balls after

Cars before
Cars after

Musical Instruments 
Musical Instruments before
Musical instruments after
DVDs before

DVDs after

CDs before

CDs after


Cloth Nappies
Cloth nappies before

Cloth nappies after

Cloth nappies after

Bath Toys 

Bath toys before

Bath toys after

Baby swing/bouncer/play mat 
Baby toys before
Baby toys after

Your Childhood belongings 
Give your children who have moved out their belongings 
Electronic toys before (none kept)

Shape sorters before (wooden one kept)

Movement toys before

Movement toys after

Miscellaneous before

Miscellaneous after

Toys kept
Toys to sell/donate

Are you taking part in the KonMari process? How did you find sorting through your children's belongings? Did you support your children to discard their own belongings? Do they continue to spark joy for your children?

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