Thursday, 15 December 2016

Tot it up

Recently, an advert popped up on my Facebook news feed for the Infant and Toddler Forum. They're running a new online tracker for toddlers (1-4 years) called Tot It Up.

If you're like me, you'll be constantly worrying if your toddler eats enough. Tot it up makes it incredibly easy to see if they are. Each day you enter the food they ate for each meal.

There's even a section for whether they have had their vitamin D supplement that day.

There are multiple food groups to choose from. Some foods are missing, and there isn't the option to scan it in like adult food trackers, but I found you can make adequate substitutions. 

Once you have chosen your food, you can then choose the amount that they ate. The quantities tend to be a little inaccurate, but are very visual in their description. I found checking the amounts on the portion size table really helped.

There is also a space for tracking how much activity your toddler does each day. It's split into different activities, such as dancing, toddler groups and walking. 

At the end of each day, there is a useful summary of the different food groups your child ate. I found it really useful, as it shows how much of each food group Baobao should be having every day, as well as showing me which food groups she was missing out on. 

The best part, for me, was the fact that Tot It Up offers a weekly summary. Just like any other toddler, Baobao has days when she eats more and other days when she eats less. This goes for different food groups as well. We had a day when she ate two portions of mash potato, followed by a portion of cottage pie, so her carbohydrate intake was huge. The Tot It Up summary allowed me to remember that it all averages out and if I struggle to get her to have enough milk or protein on one day, tomorrow is a new day.

The Tot It Up summary has definitely put my mind at rest on food groups. It shows that over a week at least, Baobao is having roughly the right amounts of all food groups. 

There are a couple of things we need to work on though. 

  1. Unfortunately, the majority of Baobao's fruit and vegetable intake comes from fruit. I need to work on offering her more vegetables throughout the day.
  2. Baobao definitely doesn't drink enough in a day. Water is always on offer and milk is offered with most meals and at bedtime, but she will only drink about 3 cups each day. I'm hoping with encouragement, I can slowly increase that amount.
  3. Baobao completely refuses her Vitamin D supplement. I need to remember to hide it in foods, such as porridge and homemade smoothies, so that I know she is getting enough.

Have you tried the ITF Tot It Up Food Tracker? Did you find it put your mind at rest or worry you more? 

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