Monday, 2 January 2017

KonMari Challenge Week 12: HOBBIES and CRAFTING

Hobbies and Crafting has proven to be another area where I found it difficult to purge. Having a background in early years education, I found it difficult to let go of little craft materials that Baobao may use to make pictures in the future. In the end, I only got rid of about a quarter of everything we own. It's still not really organised the way I like, but am hoping the easel Baobao received for Christmas will help.

One of the things I have found though, is that some of the materials, such as paints, do not bring me joy. Partially, this realisation has come about as we have thought more about what type of items we want for Baobao. As they run out, or we hit holidays, I will slowly replace her current materials with more high quality ones. This will hopefully include more natural art materials.

Purging my own items was fairly easy though. I don't have time to make much, so will just buy materials as and when I need them. If I still have the motivation the weekend after to buy the materials to make a project I have seen on Pinterest, then I am more likely to make it.

Craft supplies before

Scrapbook Paper
Yarn and Tools
Sewing Supplies (Thread, etc)
Misc. Craft Supplies
Kid’s Craft Supplies

Children's craft supplies after

Children's craft supplies after

Children's craft supplies after

Misc. Craft Supplies

My craft supplies after

Musical Instruments
Any other Hobbies you have 

Discard box

Are you taking part in the KonMari process? How did you find sorting through your hobbies and craft materials? Doyour materials now spark joy for you, or have you found that you have to now buy materials that do spark joy?

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