Monday, 9 January 2017


This category proved a little tricky, not because the items all brought us joy, but because we had kept very few things when moving into our new kitchen. Progress was further hindered by the kitchen being my husband's domain and so we had to do this category together. He always wants to hold on to things just in case.


Paper/Plastic Bags 

We ended up keeping all of the plastic bags and gift bags from Christmas. This is because they're useful for when selling or donating some of the items we have discarded. Once we have completed our KonMari journey and have reached a click point, I will go through them again and discard them.

Reusable Shopping Bags 
This was a category where we had more than we needed. 8 large shopping bags and 6 small. We discarded the ones that were broken or either of us didn't like for some reason, leaving us with 4 large shopping bags and 2 small that I will keep in my changing bag for when I am out.

Zip lock Bags/Sandwich Bags 
We only had one packet, which we use quite frequently. The Ikea ziplock bags are excellent for storing puzzles and art supplies.

Storage Containers/Lids 
Another category where we had too many. I prefer glass containers, and the ones we use for Baobao, my husband didn't even bring out of the cupboard. So we went through the plastic containers and kept half. They look much neater in the cupboard now.

Disposable Dishes/Towels/Napkins 
House Plants 
We had very few of these, since we switched to reusable about half a year ago now. One of the reusable sponges was broken, so we have discarded it. The rest we have kept, as we have always had what for us was the bare minimum.

Cleaning Supplies 
Again, we keep a close eye on what we have and only buy another bottle when we are close to running out. There was only one type of cleaner that we had multiple of, which was a multi-surface cleaner. Rather than discarding it, we will now not buy any until both are used up.

Pest Control 
Screws and Fasteners 
Keys and Locks 
Extension Cords 
We only have one not in use and are keeping it just in case.

We only had one tape which isn't in the children's craft box. We discarded it, because it was no longer sticky.
Light Bulbs 
We have 4 spare light bulbs. My husband refused to even consider discarding any of them.
We've mostly switched to rechargeable batteries now. We had a pack of AA and AAA, non-rechargeable batteries that my husband wants to use up, so they will have to stay for now.  They are in the radio box.


Discard (also plastic containers, but my husband threw them away before I could take a picture)

Are you taking part in the KonMari process? How did you find sorting through your storage and cleaning supplies? Did you find you had a lot more than you realised or did you find it difficult to discard from this category? Have you tried working on a category with another person and did you find it made it more difficult?

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