Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Years Resolution: Shop Less, Shop Used, Shop Local, Shop Small

This year, we hope to live a little more sustainably, which will of course be difficult with a newborn. To do this, I hope to follow a new process when we need to bring new things into the house. This is what my process will look like:

  • Shop Less:Shopping less is really simple. I just need to buy less. Since beginning the KonMari process, I am already buying less, but next year I only want to buy things we need. Aside from the obvious necessities like food, this will include clothing, resources and gifts.
    Baobao and Xiaobao have most of their clothes prepared. Baobao has items up until 98cm (she's currently wearing 86cm) and Xiaobao has items up until 80cm. This means that they should only need essentials topping up. As they will be sharing a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, I hope for them to have a capsule wardrobe of 7-10 outfits each and so will only buy outfits that we both love, when they go into the next size.
  • Shop Used:
    If we do need some resources, for instance I am looking for a small shelf to use for Xiaobaos movement area in our living room, I will check local sell or swap, natural parenting groups or other second hand selling sites first. For clothes, I will check local charity shops too.
  • Shop Local:
    If I can't find an item used, I will look in local shops to see if they have it first. This will be impossible for the first month after Xiaobao is born, as I will be following the Chinese tradition of confinement, but will become easier as the year goes on. This will be especially important when it comes to items such as clothes. Shopping local means I will be supporting my local community, as well as reducing our carbon footprint in deliveries.
  • Shop Small:
    As much as possible, when we do need new things, I would like to buy from small WAHM businesses this year. Primarily this would be from local WAHMs, but also from those trading online. This is something I have been doing more and more over the last two years, as the type of clothes and toys that I like Baobao to have are primarily sold by WAHMs in the UK. 
What are your plans for the new year? Do you have any resolutions? Have you stuck to your resolutions from last year?

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