Thursday, 16 February 2017

Baobao's Birthday Gifts 2017

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Baobao's birthday is always a little tricky. It's very close to Christmas, so multiple gifts can seem overwhelming, but, since we're trying not to buy much outside of special occasions, also has to tide us over for the rest of the year.

We tried to go for toys that would cover various learning areas over her second year and beyond. As fine and gross motor skills are so important at this age, these are covered by multiple items.

  1. Grimm's 12 Piece Rainbow
  2. Legler Threading Board
  3. Eichhorn Season Puzzle
  4. Grimm's Small Wooden Boat
  5. Wooden Counting Game
  6. Stockmar Colour Box Paints
  7. Sarah's Silks Rainbow Streamer

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