Thursday, 2 February 2017

Baobao's Activity Time: Imbolc 2017

As Baobao is about to turn two, this is the first year I can really start to incorporate nature and the pagan festivals into our lives. Living in a city, we can easily become disconnected from the cycle of the year and I would like Baobao and Xiaobao to feel that connection.

This year, I am being induced on the day before Imbolc. So we decided to celebrate on the Monday before instead. It was a little late notice, so we weren't fully prepared, especially since Baobao decided she had to have a pyjama day, but it still served as a simple introduction to the festival for her. Here are some of the ways we have celebrated:

Nature Table
We decorated Baobao's nature table together in the morning. We included colours of white and green, to represent the weather beginning to thaw. Our celebration ring will include a snow drop figure, a candle and an image of early blooming flowers, such as snow drops or daffodils. Natural objects on the table will include pine cones, stones, crystals, wool and of course Baobao's peg dolls and animals, such as her sheep. We will add any crafts from throughout the day.

One of my favourite ways to celebrate festivals with Baobao is crafting. She loves seeing the products she has made on display in our home. Since lambs are associated with Imbolc and Baobao adores animals, we thought we could do a lamb related craft, such as these adorable paper plate lambs.

Are you celebrating Imbolc today? If you have toddlers, how do you incorporate them into your pagan practices.

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