Monday, 6 February 2017


We didn't discard much in this category. For many things, we only have one of the item in use and one spare at any one time. We've never really felt the need to have multiple towels/bedlinen/irons etc. So our before and after shots don't look very different. It was mostly an opportunity to remove expired medicines.


Bathroom Towels 

We decided not to take the towels that are in use down, so these are all of the towels that we have that are currently not in use. The towels at the back are the ones that we would alternate with the currently in use towels. We each have a bath towel, I have a hair towel and then we have one hand towel. One of the towels at the front is the cat towel and the other is a spare for emergencies.

This was the one category where I had a lot. I switched from pure bamboo to bamboo velour flannels last year, but kept the bamboo ones just in case. I'm very aware that I have enough of the bamboo velour, so now I feel ready to let the bamboo ones go.


Linens (Blanket, Pillows) 
We currently have one set on the bed and one set in the wash. Although both sets no longer spark joy, I plan to continue using them until I find a set that does spark joy and Baobao and Xiaobao are both a little older.

Laundry Soap/Fabric Softeners/Starches and Pre-treaters 
These are all of our laundry products. We use all of them regularly.
We have two baskets, both of which were in use when I went through these items.

Irons/Ironing Boards 
We only have one iron and one ironing board.

First Aid Products (Bandages, Peroxide)/Vitamins/Supplements/Pain Relievers/Medications
Most of the medication we discarded was either out of date or prescribed to Baobao for a specific illness. Everything else was kept. We did find we had an awful lot of calpol syringes, which we chose to discard.



Are you taking part in the KonMari process? How did you find sorting through your linen closet, laundry items and medicine cabinet? Did you have a lot more products than you realised, or were you pleasantly surprised by how carefully you kept your items? Do all of your towels and bedlinen now spark joy or do you now feel the need to buy new ones?

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