Monday, 20 February 2017

KonMari Challenge Week 19: DECORATIVE ITEMS

You're probably sick of me saying this, but decorative items proved difficult for me. Our house has been in flux for a long time. Many of the rooms either aren't decorated or are only partially decorated. Our living room has been painted, but the skirting boards haven't been done yet. Our kitchen has had the base coat done, but the finished colour hasn't been applied. Our bathroom has had the paint stripped, but needs replastering. In short, our house is a mess.

I've been waiting for a long time for my husband to help tackle some of these issues. Some of the decorative items, I had been holding on to since we had moved in, waiting for them to be put up. Going through these items I had saved showed me how little things had changed in our house since then and how much more needed to be done. It was immensely frustrating.

So the first thing I did, was go through and choose those items that brought me joy - items that I wanted to display in my home no matter what. After that, I thought carefully about each room and where I wanted to take it. My husband and I made plans for decorating the house throughout this year. We wouldn't finish all of the rooms, but we would finish those that were half done. Four rooms means one every three months. It will take time, especially once we have a newborn, but it will get done this year.
Decorative items - before

Empty Frames/Albums

Decorative items - discard

Decorative items - keep

Are you taking part in the KonMari process? How did you find sorting through your decorative items? Did you rediscover something you really loved? Or have you found that the items you have been saving no longer fit in with your vision?

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