Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Montessori Challenge - The Kitchen

While our bathroom may be a disaster zone, our kitchen is much more of a usable room. Although we still need to decorate it, the fact that we have a completely new kitchen with cupboard doors that actually close, brings me immense joy and makes it much easier to make it child friendly.

This week, I have been observing Baobao carefully in the kitchen, so that I could think more carefully about how to improve her access to the kitchen.. I've used Carine's Bathroom Questions to make my own kitchen questions:

  • Observe the room and how your child is using it. Every time your child asks for help (or when you go and help him without asking), try to see what prevents him to do it by himself.
  • Depending of your child's age, encourage your child to be independent regarding self-care. As rule of thumb, if your child walks, he can attempt most of his self-care needs with little support.
  • Does your child have access to the sink? Does your child have access to his own cleaning materials?
  • Can your child reach the light switch?
  • What kind of snacks does your child have? Does he eat all of them? Can he access his snacks by himself?

  • Here are some of the changes we have made.

    Changes pre-challenge:

    Challenge inspired changes:
    • Create a cupboard and section of kitchen counter for Baobao to use independently
    • Create a shelf for Baobao in the fridge
    • Add a cleaning basket to Baobao's kitchen shelves, such as this one from An Everyday Story
    • Add a hook with a child sized apron to the inside of Baobao's cupboard
    • Provide a basket of healthy self-serve snacks in her cupboard and in the fridge, for Baobao to put into her Yumbox independently - Super Healthy Kids, Mom's Messy Miracles and Happy Money Saver provide some good ideas.
    • Provide utensils, crockery and cutlery on trays for Baobao to access herself.
    • Add an activity for her to do while I work in the kitchen

    Possible future changes:
    • Broaden Baobao's variety of utensils, so that she can partake in more and more food preparation.

    Do you have any other ideas on how we could make our kitchen more accessible for Baobao? What would you do differently?

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