Thursday, 23 February 2017

Xiaobao's Activity Time: Our Baby Area

This week, I thought I would introduce you to our baby area. As with everything in our home, it is a work in progress, changing as our children develop.

So here is an overall view of our baby area. We've included Baobao's old cot mattress, to make lying on the floor more comfortable, a sheepskin to offer comfort and regulate temperature and a mirror so that Xiaobao can look at himself.

We've also included this black and white image board for Xiaobao to look at. I will add different high contrast images to keep Xiaobao's interest over time.

We can't really hang our mobiles from the ceiling, so have opted to use the Ikea Leka baby gym. I hang our various mobiles with string.

Xiaobao isn't ready yet to grasp objects, but to add a little interest to the area and to allow Baobao to get used to them being there, I have Xiaobao's toys on display. Once Xiaobao is moving, I will place them on the end of the movement mat or on the floor. 

The best part about our baby area is that it can be compactly folded away. I have to use this part of the living room to dry clothes overnight and so need the space.

Lastly, here is our collection of mobiles that I have made so far. I still need to make one of the gobbi mobiles, but am waiting for the thread to be in stock. Next on my list is to make some of the grasping mobiles.

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