Friday, 31 March 2017

30 Days to Hands On Play: A Play Challenge

Recently, I've been feeling a little disconnected. A combination of a difficult pregnancy and difficulties breastfeeding Xiaobao has meant that Baobao has watched far more television than we had planned.

Now that we're finally in more of a routine, I thought I would look for ways to do more with Baobao. I came across this set of posts at the imagination tree and hands on as we grow. It's an old challenge from 2011, but a good way for me to focus back on doing more learning through play with Baobao.

Each day has a different theme to base an activity for Baobao around and I will try to blog about them here. Hopefully, this will kick start me into the routine of blogging again too.

Day 1: Mission Statement
Day 2: Make a den
Day 3: Block building challenge
Day 4: Pretend Islands
Day 5: Play dough exploration
Day 6: Family time
Day 7: Mega floor doodles
Day 8: Water play
Day 9: Sensory tub play
Day 10: Concoctions
Day 11: Outside adventure
Day 12: Field trip
Day 13: Sticky art
Day 14: Act out a story
Day 15: Playing with junk
Day 16: A hunt
Day 17: A reading tent
Day 18: Hands on play
Day 19: Music making
Day 20: In the kitchen
Day 21: Have a party
Day 22: Paint
Day 23: Printing with objects
Day 24: Investigate
Day 25: Small world play
Day 26: Playful fun
Day 27: Dressing up
Day 28: Play in a box
Day 29: Role play
Day 30: Special craft

Check back here daily for different activities that I do with Baobao.

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