Monday, 27 March 2017

Baobao's Activity Time: Teddy Bears' Picnic

I've been thinking about some of the activities we did with Baobao before starting this blog. One of her favourites was a Teddy Bears' Picnic.

 Teddy Bears' Picnics are an easy to set up activity that can hold Baobao's attention for a little while. She loves exploring the cutlery, bowls, plates and cups, as well as playing with her different soft toys. I love that she gets to practise and learn how to use a cup, without the water and spoons, and without the mess.

While we are playing, I will pretend to feed her toys, using the spoons and cups, modelling how to use them, as well as social conventions, such as sharing. I also name and sign all of the items we are using and explain what we are doing.

 This means that having a picnic is an excellent activity that covers different areas of development, including communication and language, PSE and physical development.

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