Monday, 6 March 2017

KonMari Challenge Week 21: PETS

We don't have much pet equipment. Our two cats have a bed, two litter trays (one for each floor of the house), two food bowls each and two water bowls, dry food, wet food (as a treat) and their respective medicines, so I don't feel the need to purge and discard any of their items.

Our plan is, once the house is decorated and more on track after having Xiaobao, for them to have their own space in the house and so have a space where all of their things are together. This is likely to be in the box room, that we mostly use for storage.

Pet Dishes/Bowls 
Pet Toys 
Animal Bedding 
Animal First Aid/Medications  

Are you taking part in the KonMari process? How did you find sorting through your pet items? Did you find that you have just enough, or do your pets have a greater collection of items?

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