Friday, 21 April 2017

30 Days to Hands On Play: Have a Party

When she's not busy partaking in physical play, Baobao really enjoys serving tea. Today we turned it into a tea party, with Tiger and Baby.

We set out a blanket on the floor, got cups for baby and tiger and then set out some food for Baobao. We decided on pineapple with custard, a food that Baobao doesn't have very often, and a babyccino

Baobao enjoyed the change in routine of eating on the floor and sharing with her favourite soft toys.

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  1. Hey!! What a cute baby. Good to see her enjoying this cute tea party. I prepared a lovely tea party for my daughter and her friends at one of venues in San Francisco. It was sweet party with toy tea set for them along with yummy food. The kids enjoyed the day.