Saturday, 1 April 2017

30 Days to Hands On Play: Mission Statement

So here we are at day number 1. The aim of today is to think about how I want to be more hands on with Baobao, what I hope to gain and to think about Baobao and how she plays. Then write a mission statement about it all.

Here's mine:

I hope to gain some new ideas on how to play with Baobao, using beautiful natural materials as much as possible. I hope to introduce Baobao to some new play ideas, so that she can expand her play repertoire. Most of all, however, I just want to spend some uninterrupted quality time playing with Baobao and showing her the attention she so desperately craves right now.

Baobao's Interests:

  • cooking - both pretending to cook with her kitchen and cooking in real life
  • movement play - throwing things up and down, jumping, twirling, rolling
  • art - drawing, painting, sticking, but doesn't like to get too messy while doing it
  • music - she sings all day long
Come back tomorrow for the first play activity - building a fort!

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