Monday, 17 April 2017

30 Days to Hands On Play: A Reading Tent

Sharing picture books has always been one of my favourite parts of being a teacher. A love of reading has been one of the things I was desperate to share with Baobao and Xiaobao. 

Recently, Baobao has preferred physical play to quiet time reading. When she has touched her books downstairs, it has been to throw them on the floor and roll over the. Today's challenge to create a reading tent seemed like a good way to encourage that love of reading again.

Baobao was instantly intrigued by her new book area and took the opportunity to 'read' her books in new positions. She spent most of the day exploring different books and 'reading' them to her baby or tiger.

Then we sat down on the armchair together and I read some of the stories for Baobao, while feeding Xiaobao. A success all round.

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