Thursday, 13 April 2017

Baobao's Activity Time: Easter Egg Hunt Sensory Tray

Looking for Easter inspiration? Here is a tuff spot activity I did with Baobao last year.

 Baobao received some plastic eggs from her Grandma for Easter. 

She is still a little young for a traditional Easter egg hunt and so on Monday I decided to make a mini egg hunt sensory tray for her.

I tore up tissue paper in lots of different colours and then hid the eggs inside.

Baobao began by walking around the outside of the tuff spot. She likes to look at things from all angles and before jumping in and exploring.

With a little support, Baobao found the first egg and looked at it carefully. 

She placed her eggs inside her basket. We counted the eggs when she found them, as well as, talking about what she was doing. This constant commentary of an activity works to improve language acquisition at this age. 

Inside each egg there were some colourful chicks. Baobao spent some time opening the eggs and looking at the chick. We described the texture of the chicks as she held them.

Then, Baobao discovered that she could tear the tissue paper into tiny pieces. She spent a good 15 minutes doing this, making it excellent practise for her fine motor skills.

Have you done a hunt sensory tray? What other things could your toddler search for?

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