Monday, 24 April 2017

Switch For Six: A Real Nappy Challenge

If you have come here via my social media accounts, then you probably are aware that we are cloth nappy lovers here at Baobao Tea and Soy. So it was with heavy heart that I switched to disposables when Xiaobao was born. I needed a little time to get my head around having two and with all the feeding issues we have had, it took a little while to get back to cloth. About 3 weeks ago, when Xiaobao was 7 weeks, we attempted to start again and failed. Xiaobao has reflux and needed multiple outfit changes per day. Add to that the outfits Baobao or I also had to change and suddenly I was behind on washing. I couldn't cope with the extra washing.

With this in mind, I was incredibly excited to come across the Switch for Six campaign from Real Nappies for London and Go Real. Launched in conjunction with Real Nappy Week (24-30/04/2017), a  week dedicated to raising awareness of cloth nappy use, Switch for Six is a campaign to encourage parents to switch to cloth nappies for six weeks. Just switching one nappy per day for those six weeks would save 42 nappies from going to landfill. 

As you know, we love a challenge here at Baobao Tea and Soy. Challenges are the perfect motivation to get me to make a change, no matter how difficult, especially when they carry accountability through sharing your experiences on a hashtag or a group, so the switch for six campaign is perfect for us.

Join us here for the next six weeks, when I will be sharing a diary of our journey back to using cloth nappies.

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  1. Hi, we look forward to reading how you get on using real nappies over the next six weeks. Thanks for taking part.

    Alice, Real Nappies for London