Sunday, 30 April 2017

Switch for Six: Week 1 - A Rollercoaster of Highs and Lows

This week was Real Nappy Week and the first week of Switch for Six, Go Real and Real Nappy for London's campaign to get more people using cloth nappies. After three months of not using cloth nappies, for various reasons, we decided to take the plunge back int the wonderful world of cloth. This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster week, with lots of highs, lows and learning again.

Day 1

On Monday, I wasn't even sure I was going to do Real Nappy Week. We had used cloth nappies with Baobao for nearly 2 years before Xiaobao came along. We had experimented with a few different types, but gNappies was where our cloth nappy love was. Then Xiaobao came along and had reflux. The washing just seemed so high that I wouldn't be able to do it.

Instead I went looking for cloth nappy deals. 'If I can't do it myself, maybe I can help someone else to make the change' I thought. I compiled them all on this post. Even if the deals aren't running anymore, the shops are still amazing small businesses. I went to bed feeling like I hadn't quite done enough.

Day 2

Tuesday. I still wasn't fully convinced we could do it, but then I read this blog post from Christine McRitchie on the Go Real blog. If she could do it with a large family, then we could do it with just two. Baobao and I got to work. We collected our gInserts and Little Lamb bamboo boosters and soaked them in cold water in the bath. This stripped them of any old detergent build up. At the end of the day I put them in the washing machine and washed them one more time, setting the timer so that they finished in the morning. I went to bed feeling a little better.

Day 3

I woke up on Wednesday morning and hung out the different inserts. They didn't smell anymore and any stains had faded, so I knew that the detergent buildup was gone. I also made my first Real Nappy Week order. The wonderful Sewstoppers was offering two for one gNappy recovers on play condition nappies. I haven't had a recover made before, but now seemed like a good time. It will be nice for Xiaobao to have something a little different to Baobao too. I also applied for the RNfL voucher for Xiaobao. I spent the evening stuffing nappies. It felt like this could be a turning point.

Day 4

Thursday involved working out who needed what sizes. Baobao had outgrown mediums again, so we knew she would have to be in larges, but at 12 weeks (today) Xiaobao could be in either smalls or mediums. We decided to try smalls today. It turned out to be a high washing day. Xiaobao possetted on to two outfits and leaked through two small nappies. It seemed like the smalls were the wrong fit for her. Both girls went back into disposables at bedtime (we haven't found a night nappy that works for our toddler yet). I put the two small travel wet bags of nappies in the washing machine and set about finding some wet bags to hold around 15 nappies. I ordered some from Little Sunshine Hut on eBay alongside some breast pads (I keep running out). Thursday was a good day in spite of all the leaks.

Day 5

My toddler learnt the word disposable today. I told her that I would put both girls in disposable nappies while we were out this morning and she could wear a g again when we came home. I didn't want to risk a medium not fitting Xiaobao properly too. As it stands, the medium also leaked on Xiaobao. I'm not sure if I just boosted too much, or if it was just too big generally. Either way it was another big leak day. I've decided I need to get some cloth wipes too. Xiaobao's newborn poo soaked straight through a water wipe today and on to my fingers. This didn't happen with Baobao's formula poo. Something needs to change and it's not the breastfeeding.

Day 6

Today it was Baobao's turn to be leaky. I'm not sure if she has suddenly started doing massive toddler wees or what, but we had to buy emergency tights in Tesco. Xiaobao spent all morning in disposables. We tried one medium gCloth and small pouch combo, which seemed to work. I'll have to try it again to be sure.

Day 7

Baba woke up and one of the first things he said when helping to dress Baobao was "We're going to Nainai's today, so you have to wear a disposable." Not cloth while we're home and then disposables while we're out, not cloth all day in spite of where we were going, but disposables all day. He did take the girls for a couple of hours, so I could catch up on housework, but I felt deflated. Tomorrow is another day, but it almost feels like we're going to be starting at the beginning again. At least all my cloth nappy supplies are set up in the two rooms that we use them in. 

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