Monday, 29 May 2017

50 Wild Things To Do With Urban Toddlers

This June, we will be taking part in 30 Days Wild, the challenge to get out into nature from the Wildlife Trusts. Here at Baobao Tea and Soy, we're not ones to shy away from a challenge and as a challenge, it is one that is perfect for toddlers to take part in.

Here are 50 wild things you can do with toddlers this June:

At Home:

  • Search for mini wildnessSince thinking about 30 Days Wild, I have been noticing all the little bits on mini wildness on my road. From cuckoo spit on front garden plants, to dandelions popping out from under walls, mini wildness is easy to find.
  • Create a butterfly buffetPut some cut fruit and flowers on to a plate and hang it from a tree, for the perfect pick me up for a tired butterfly.
  • Read stories inspired by nature
    There are many beautiful books inspired by nature. Some of our favourites include 'The Hungry Caterpillar' 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and 'My First Root Children'
  • Bake for the wild
    We love baking here at Baobao Tea and Soy. Why not try some nature inspired cakes, such as a hedgehog cake?
  • Prepare a bird feast
    Although food is bountiful at the moment, it won't be long before food is scarce for birds. Prepare a feast of seeds and mealworms and see who comes to visit.
  • Make a wild place in your garden
    Bees, butterflies and other minibeasts love wild flowers. Sew some seeds and watch your garden grow. I wonder who will come to visit.
  • Get crafty in the sunshine
    Have any crafts to do? Why not do them on a blanket in the garden or on a bench in the park?

Rainy Day Activities:
  • Make an undersea collageIf you can't get out for the day, why not make a nature picture. Collages work on fine motor skills, allow children to work on expressing their learning through art, when they're not quite confident enough to draw, and also allow them to work on their awareness of shape and space. An undersea collage is perfect for after a trip to a beach, or after learning about the seaside in a book.
  • Draw a minibeast
    Stuck indoors, but still want to connect with nature today? Why not look up a minibeast online or in a book and have a go at drawing your own?
  • Paint a symmetrical butterfly picture
    Another rainy day activity. Draw a wing on one side of some folded paper and press the sides together. Voila - symmetrical butterfly.
  • Sing in the rain
    What a glorious feeling?
  • Jump in puddles
    How deep is the puddle? How far can the splash go? How dirty can your wellies get? Aren't puddles fun

Treasure Hunt Activities:
  • Hunt for wild treasures
    While out for a wander, see what wild treasures your child can find. Sticks, stones, flowers and leaves are all beautiful treasures that can be used for a myriad activities.
  • Make art with leaves, stones etc
    Ever since my first year of teaching, I have loved using the art of Andy Goldsworthy to inspire learning in children. It makes for a great sensory experience. We've used it in school playgrounds, parks and local woods, making it perfect for an urban environment.
  • Make nature brushes
    Have a toddler who loves painting? Why not allow her to paint with leaves, sticks and feathers?
  • Thread/weave with natural materials
    Making jewellery and pictures with natural materials is a fun, free way to build on children's creativity
  • Press some flowers and leaves to make a picture
    What can you do with all of those treasures your toddler has been collecting? Why not press the flowers and leaves and then use them to make a collage or outline painting?
  • Make sunprint paper pictures
    Another way to use those treasures is a sun paper picture
  • Make a clay leaf press plaque
    Or press some leaves into clay to make a plaque or a bowl
  • Showcase a nature table
    Baobao sees the things that she collects on our walks as treasures, so we display them in the same way we display our own treasures. In our case its on a nature table
  • Make a natural rainbow
    Start by finding lots of natural red treasures and stick them down on card. Work your way through all of the colours until you have a beautiful, natural rainbow picture.
  • Play with a stick
    Sticks are one of the ultimate "pretend play toys". Whenever I found a stick as a child, it would always be a horse. What will your stick be?
  • Accessorise with flowers
    Younger children can put flowers in their hair, pockets and behind their ears. Older children can make daisy crowns.
  • Inhale a wild scent
    Smell sweet flowers, fresh leaves and grass, interesting herbs and even sticks and earth. Connecting with nature is a sensory adventure and our sense of smell is the one that can evoke the strongest memories
  • Make a wild mobile
    Another beautiful way to display your treasures is by hanging them from a stick with string to make a mobile.
  • Make an outdoors den
    Collect large branches and tie together with string and you can make a secret den. Add a blanket or a towel for extra cover.

At a Park:
  • Have a picnic outside
    Eating outside is an easy way to connect with nature. Just bring a packed lunch and a blanket and enjoy the sun. It's even easy to do at any local park in the city.
  • Roll around in the grass
    Rolling in the grass allows for a great sensory experience, as well as working on gross motor skills. Our local park has hills to roll down, but rolling on a flat area works too.
  • Dance outside
    Young children love dancing. They will dance everywhere. Why not dance barefoot on the grass, for a fun way to connect with nature. 
  • Watch the clouds float by
    If you have some time, relax and watch the clouds float by. I wonder what shapes you will find.
  • Wiggle toes in mud/grass/sand/water
    Wiggling your toes in mud, grass, sand or water is an amazing sensory experience, that can be difficult to replicate. Just bring a towel and some spare clothes to the park.
  • Exercise in the wild
    Baobao and I enjoy doing yoga together and she enjoys doing other exercises with her Baba. For an extra connection with nature, why not do these exercises at the park.

  • Buy a wildlife book
    Wonder what that minibeast/bird/mammal you just saw is. Why not look it up in a wildlife book?
  • Go on a bug hunt
    The one type of wildlife you will find no matter where you are in the world are minibeasts. Children love finding them and looking at them under a magnifying glass. Describing them is brilliant for communication and counting legs, spots, stripes and numbers is obviously brilliant for maths. 
  • Follow a bee
    I wonder where that bee might be headed and how many different types of flowers he lands on?
  • Go on a snail hunt
    How many snails can you find on a damp morning? Can you draw them? Do a tally? The possibilities are endless
  • Fly like a barn owl
    We love pretend play here in the Baobao Tea and Soy household. It's brilliant for building empathy. We'll never be able to know what it's like flying outside of an aircraft, but we can pretend to be a bird.
  • Spot a wild mammal
    Head to your local park or forest to spot wild mammals, such as squirrels, mice or deer.
  • Move like a lizard
    Some more pretend play. Can you imitate the jerky movements of a lizard?
  • Spot some wild birds
    Our local ark has ducks and geese, but look up and you can see other wild birds, such as gulls, pigeons and blackbirds.
  • Go pond dipping
    What wildlife can you find in a pond? Great for classification and habitat work.
  • Look for baby animals
    At this time of year there are lots of baby animals. Don't get too close.
  • Slither like a snake
    Even more pretend play. Try slithering along the ground like a snake.

  • Find some fungi
    Even urban trees have fungi and they can be found in local parks/forests. What can you find?
  • Cuddle a favourite tree
    Do you have a favourite tree? Why not go and give it a hug? 
  • Explore the urban jungle
    Plants will grow anywhere - Can you spot lichens on walls, mini-forests of mosses and flowers in cracks?
Further Afield:
  • Go for a walk in the woods
    We're lucky that London is a pretty green city. North London has the amazing Epping Forest, which can be accessed from anywhere in London and the surrounding area. 
  • Visit the beach
    Who doesn't enjoy a trip to the beach? London luckily has several beaches within a 2-3 hour train journey, making them easy to get to even without a car. You can go for a dip in the sea, a play on the beach or hunt for some sea creatures.
  • Explore some rock pools
    A couple of the beaches near London, such as Rottingdean near Brighton and Broadstairs near Margate, have rock pools where you can spot sea creatures.
  • Sleep outside
    Why not take your toddler camping? They can sleep outside, eat outside, go to sleep at sunset and rise at the crack of dawn - connecting with the natural rhythm of the day.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Switch for Six: Week 5

This week has been a bit of a blur. Generally it has been positive nappy wise. Baobao is pretty much only in cloth during the day and Xiaobao is 1 day on 2 days off due to lack of nappies. Hopefully the new nappies bought with our RNfL voucher will improve that.

Day 29
Our cloth nappy voucher arrived this morning from Real Nappies for London. I only applied yesterday and it's already here. Now to decide on which nappies to get for Xiaobao. I already know Little Lamb pocket nappies work for her, so am planning to get a couple more pocket nappies, but I may try a couple of different brands to see if any work better.

Day 30
Two in cloth is becoming easier and easier. As long as Xiaobao's nappies are clean, she is wearing them and as long as I change regularly enough we get no leaks. They also contain massive poosplosions, where as disposables always mean a massive leak. I'm so glad Switch for Six motivated me to get back into cloth.

Day 31
I introduced another mummy to cloth today. She was interested in Baobao's beautiful nappy. We do love sharing the g love.

I tried Xiaobao in medium gs again today. There's a massive gap between the pouch and her bottom. I'm starting to think they may just not be the nappy for her shape and that birth to potty pocket nappies will be better. I'm sad though, because we have a significant stash of medium gcovers, but if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be.

Day 32
Baobao is becoming more frustrated at nappy changes again. It's the same whether she's in cloth or disposables. She just doesn't want to be wearing them. She asked again to go without a nappy this afternoon. We lasted 5 minutes before she wet herself. She's so desperate to be independent and grown up, but her body just isn't ready. Not really sure what to do.

Day 33
It was glorious weather today. Baobao was in gNappies, which are breathable and so are perfect for the heat. Unfortunately all of Xiaobao's nappies were in the wash.

I finally ordered some new nappies for her today. I went for a bumGenius 5.0, a Milovia pocket nappy and a Baba + Boo one size nappy. I wonder which one will work best.

Day 34
I hadn't managed to get the nappies in the wash in time, so they were still wet this morning. Two in disposables for the day unfortunately. 

Day 35
Baobao has been in disposables today, as she went out for the day with her grandma. Xiaobao, because I just haven't gotten around to making the nappies. To top it all off, Baobao is ill again. All in all a bad day for nappies.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Planning Next Steps for a Toddler with Development Matters

Even though I've been a Stay at Home Mum for over a year now, I haven't fully left the teacher part of me behind. I suppose for me it's part of of being interested in home education. Whenever I'm a little worried about Baobao's development, I dip back into Development Matters and try to look at what she can do objectively.

I haven't looked at Development Matters since before Xiaobao arrived. Instead I wanted to give Baobao time to get used to the changes in her life. I have been wondering how she is doing and what I could do with her now that Xiaobao is a little older.


-may form a special friendship with another child (Making Relationships 22-36 months)
Friendship can obviously never be forced, but I can provide opportunities for them to form. Ways to promote this include attending the same toddler groups weekly, so that Baobao socialises with the same mix of children weekly, and meeting up with friends with children regularly.

-aware of own feelings and knows that some actions or words can hurt others (Managing Feelings and Behaviour 30-50 months)
Baobao is becoming better and better at naming her own feelings now, but isn't always aware that her actions can hurt others. This is the part I want to continue working on with her. We will continue to name her emotions, but also name our own, so that she becomes more and more aware that we have the same emotions she does. We will also continue to intervene when she might hurt someone physically, by saying "I won't let you ........ That hurts." Over time, with lots of repetition she'll learn it.

-beginning to understand how and why questions (Understanding 30-50 months)
-beginning to use more complex sentences (Speaking 30-50 months)

Listening, understanding and speaking is mostly improved by talking. So Ill continue to model good listening, by giving her my full attention as much as I can and asking her to wait when I can't. When reading or talking about something we can see, I'll continue to introduce how and why questions, further expanding my question if she doesn't understand and help reframe her sentences, by joining them together. For instance if she says "I scream when baba came home. I love baba." I will reply "You screamed when baba came home, because you love baba."

-moves freely with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways.(Moving and Handling 30-50 months)
Baobao can already move in a range of ways, but hasn't learnt to slither, shuffle, hop or skip yet. For now, I will just model them, when we dance or play, as funny ways for me to move, hoping that she will copy and in time learn those movements too.

-observes the effect of activity on their body (Health and Self-care 30-50 months)
This is a next step where I need to be observant. When I see Baobao engaging in physical activity and becoming hot or out of breath, I need to remark that she is feeling that way because she has been exercising. Over time, she will begin to notice she is feeling that way more and more, and in time comment on it herself.

-enjoys rhyming and rhythmic activities (Reading 30-50 months)
This is something I definitely don't do enough of with Baobao. We now need to sing more nursery rhymes,  read poems and rhyming stories, focusing on the natural rhythm and rhyme. I will also play some rhyming games with Baobao, by showing her two objects that rhyme. Saying the name of one and the name of the other and showing her that they sound the same at the end. As she becomes more aware of rhyme, I will begin to add an object that doesn't rhyme and ask her to chose the two that do.

-begins to make comparisons between quantities (Numbers 22-36 months)
Baobao has become more and more interested in numbers recently. She enjoys counting objects, while working on one-to-one correspondence and counts to 3 in mandarin. For comparing quantities, I plan on doing more cooking with Baobao. Cooking is a wonderful activity for building mathematical skills, especially focusing on quantities. I can compare the amount we are using to the amount left over, the amount of food each person is eating and the numbers of items we put in to each section of her yumbox.

-learns that they have similarities and differences that connect them to and distinguish them from others (People and Communities 22-36 months)
Baobao is beginning to know that some people like different things to her. She knows for example that she loves eating peanut butter, but that I don't like it, or that I say delicious and her baba says haochi. We always tell her that it is ok to like different things. This is what we will continue to do as she gets older, comparing similarities and differences and showing her that the world is a beautiful, diverse place.

-imitates movement in response to music (Exploring and Using Media and Materials 30-50 months)
At the moment, we mostly listen to I am going to begin to introduce some more safe pop music, as well as known action rhymes for Baobao and I to dance to in the afternoons. A specific time slot after she wakes from her nap. There I will encourage her to both make up her own movements and copy some of mine.

-taps out simple repeated rhythms (Exploring and Using Media and Materials 30-50 months)
Baobao loves playing her musical instruments with me, although we haven't been able to do it as much as I would like lately. I haven't really tried to get her to copy me, especially as we often only have one of each instrument. I think now is a good time to introduce it though.

You'll notice that most of the ways I will help Baobao involve modelling, talking with her and play. The best way to learn at this age is through modelling and play, so most of what I will do with Baobao will involve that.

Monday, 22 May 2017

30 Days Wild: An Introduction and Some Preparation

In June, we will be taking part in 30 Days Wild, a challenge set by The Wildlife Trusts, to do something wild every day for the thirty days in June.

This week we have been preparing for our 30 Days Wild challenge. our plan is to allow Baobao to spend as much time as possible exploring nature and engaging in outdoor play. We will be working within the limitations of the urban environment, but want to show that toddlers can experience nature in cities.
Our 30 Days Wild pack
Singing in the rain
In order to prepare, I've allowed Baobao to explore more over the last week, by going at her pace and focusing on the things that she finds.

Spotting a snail on a wall
Searching for stones and flowers
Practising blowing dandelions
It has been really interesting to see that Baobao can find nature anywhere. It's as if at such a young age she's in tune with it. Walking down a busy road, in the park or on a quiet side road, she can easily spot some nature.
Discovering ant colonies
Our main reason for getting involved in 30 Days Wild, is to encourage Baobao to connect with nature wherever she is, as well as encouraging me to take her a little further afield, now that Xiaobao is a little older. This is really important to us, because of the myriad benefits to connecting with nature.

Meeting a friendly cat
Seeing how far the water will splash
Making footprints
Connecting with nature, leads to increased physical activity and enhanced social skills, such as an improved self-image and problem solving skills. It also improves creativity, cognitive ability and self-discipline (Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature). Spending time outdoors helps children to learn across the board and 30 Days Wild is a great way to kick start that learning.

Spotting a bumblebee on a flower

Will you be taking part in 30 Days Wild? How will you be helping your child to connect with nature?

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Switch for Six: Week 4 - Almost Potty Training

It's been a funny old week. Xiaobao was in cloth for half of the week (we need more bith-to-potty nappies) and Baobao briefly decided it was time to potty train. All in all though, it has been a positive week, where the number of cloth nappies have outweighed the disposables. Now to keep building on these foundations.

Day 22
When you buy locally things can go really quickly. I asked online for some preloved birth to potty nappies. This evening my husband picked so Little Lamb pocket nappies up from a fellow cloth using mummy and were put in with a colour wash. The inserts were put into the bath to soak over night. Hopefully they'll work for Xiaobao.

Day 23
Success! The birth to potty nappies fit Xiaobao really well. No leaks and two children in cloth.
Baobao did decide she didn't want to wear nappies today. I went with it, because I want her to feel like I trust her. She went nearly 4 hours without a wee and then unfortunately peed on the floor. She got so upset and we had a gentle talk about whether she had known it was coming. She said it just suddenly came, so we're going to try again when she feels ready.

This has highlighted for me how unprepared we are. I'm going to start researching potty training pants for nap time and pick up some fun comfy underwear for when she is ready. That way if she decides to train at the beginning of the week, I don't have to wait for my husband to take us shopping. I just have everything there.

Day 24
We had a bit of a wicking issue today. My husband put Xiaobao's nappy on incorrectly and so some of the wee went on to her clothes through the top of the nappy.
Note to self: Watch birth-to-potty fit videos with him.

Day 25
Four birth-to-potty nappies obviously aren't enough, so Xiaobao has been in disposables again today and what a disaster that was. A vest and a top completely ruined and breastfeeding poo on both me and my sister. We need to get a few more birth-to-potty nappies or hope that she is ready for medium gNappies soon.

Day 26
Today's the first day in a while when I've put both children in disposables in the day time. Xiaobao was so upset when I put her down to change Baobao's nappy that I needed it to be the quickest change possible. I know though, had we not had the disposables in the house, I wouldn't have been able to make that decision. If only we could do night nappies, but my husband doesn't like them.

Day 27
One in cloth, one in disposables and a full nappy wash drying on the airer. They'll both be in cloth again tomorrow.

Day 28
I finally sent off the supporting documents for the RNfL voucher today. It's only taken me 4 weeks. Other things just always got in the way. Once it comes through, I'll be able to use it towards some more birth-to-potty nappies for Xiaobao. It will really help, as £50 is quite a big outlay.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Baobao's Favourites: 26 Months

A few things have changed since our last Baobao's Favourites post. We have drastically reduced Baobao's toys, so that we don't have to rotate them anymore. She has one Ikea PS 2017 shelf, a box of animals, a kitchen, an easel, a ride on toy and a dressing up area in our playroom/living room. Upstairs she has a couple of toys and her duplo, and for outdoors we have a scooter and a ball. Of the toys left, we've tried to leave fairly open ended toys.

As it is, Baobao is going through a very physical phase right now. This means her favourites are mostly for physical activities.

Creatimber Balance Board

Since our Creatimber board arrived a month ago, Baobao has played with it daily. It has been a rocker, a bed, a slide, a ramp, a tunnel, a hill and a den. Most of all, Baobao likes to use it to do sit ups though.


Baobao loves fabric. I wanted some play silks, but had some crushed velvet leftover from making altar cloths. Baobao uses them to dress up, make dens and as habitats for her play animals.

Ikea Plufsig Gym Mat

Baobao loves her gym mat. At first we got it for rolypolys, but Baobao also uses it as part of an obstacle course, for jumping off of and for practising jumping up to different heights. Today it is being used as a hospital bed for dolly.

Ikea Duktig Kitchen
It's nearly a year since Baobao received her play kitchen. There isn't a day that goes by when she doesn't play with it. Earlier this year we removed her play food and her play has improved exponentially. Currently she uses scraps of felt as food that she can stir.

Ikea Leka Baby Gym
If I said that Baobao had used the baby gym more than Xiaobao had in the last few months, it would be true. She loved exploring the Montessori inspired items that were hanging off it previously. Not one was removed, because Xiaobao had become bored of it. They were all changed once Baobao had broken one. Now that we are using the items that came with it, Baobao enjoys removing and attaching them. Most of all Baobao enjoys leaning on it and kicking her feet to exercise.

So here are some of Baobao's favourites in the last month. What toys did your children enjoy at 26 months? What toys do you recommend we try out?

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Switch for Six: Week 3 - More Lows and a Decision

Week 3 has been a little bit of a blur. Baobao had to have a hospital stay, due to a chest infection and we're still having issues with fit for Xiaobao. In a way it feels like we're having so many setbacks, but the more I think about it the more I realise that we just might not be trying hard enough.

Day 15
Baobao has been in hospital overnight. She had pneumonia back in February and now every time she gets sick it goes to her chest. She was finding it so difficult to breathe on Sunday night that it felt like we had to take her to a&e. This meant that she was in disposables, because we didn't know how long she would need to be there and Baba wanted to "pack light".

Day 16
It feels like we're really getting there. Baobao is back home. We're in cloth and it all fits. No leaks and pretty cloth bums all day. It's days like these where it feels like it could work.

Day 17
How can it all change so quickly? How can we be back to fit issues? Every medium with small pouch has leaked through completely today.  m/l/xl pouches proved to be too big too, with a massive poonami and full clothes change to prove the point. I knew we would have to change things up again soon, but didn't realise it would be this quick.

Day 18
Disposables for Xiaobao again. I'll have to wait until she's a little bigger to get into mediums. Possibly within the next week. We'll try again on Monday. 

We met a lovely mummy at a toddler group today, who's little one was wearing a birth to potty all-in-one nappy. It's got me thinking. We didn't really get on with AIOs with Baobao. She has been a g girl throughout. Baobao and Xiaobao have such different shapes though, Baobao having a long body and short legs and Xiaobao having a more average body and long legs, so it would make sense for them to suit different nappies. I'll have to investigate more.

Day 19
Another day of same old same old. Baobao in cloth all day. Xiaobao in disposables.

Day 20
Baba is home. He put a disposable on Baobao, because we were going to his mum's house. She keeps nappies there for when Baobao stays all day. I don't mind that. I know cloth isn't for every one. I understand that Baobao will be in disposables when she stays there. I don't understand why she is in disposables if we are there with her. So we discussed it and he plans on using sticking with cloth next time.

Day 21
We've finally worked out what has been causing Baobao's random leaks, About 8 of our m/l/xl pouches have reached the end of their lifespan. Hopefully replacing them with some of the new ones that I had leftover upstairs and taking them out of rotation will help.

Xiaobao on the other hand is still in disposables. I'm a little resigned until we work out the fit issues. On the plus side, she now fits into her Om Baby hi-summer harems, which are cut perfectly for cloth. Can't wait to get them on her with a nice big cloth bum. I'm asking around for some second hand birth-to-potty AIOs and pockets too, to give them a try on Xiaobao. I would be sad to admit it, but I need to know if she's not a g girl.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Baobao's Activity Time: Colour Choosing Fun

At around 8 months of age, babies can begin to have favourite colours. To test this theory, I set up a simple activity for Baobao to take part in. On a black background, I placed some different colour books and looked to see which ones she would choose. 

 I used her Pantone Box of Colour Board Books, which were her souvenir from a trip to the National Portrait Gallery earlier in the year. These books are brilliant for showing that colours have various shades.

At first, Baobao chose a red book. Red is a strong primary colour and is one of the first colours that children can see clearly.

After that she chose a blue book, another strong primary colour that is easy to see.

While I used the colour books, you could use other sets of toys, that although similar are different colours. For instance, I would use the her rainbow friends or the pegs from her hammer and peg set. The possibilities for customisation are endless.

Monday, 8 May 2017

5 Clothing Brands That We Love

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about clothes. Baobao has been in the same size clothes for nearly a year now - 12-18 months/86 - and so, we have been trying to use the same clothes for that amount of time. It's really made me realise what brands wash well, time after time, and which brands have faded or become almost unwearable after 3, 6 or 9 months.

We really want longevity out of our clothes. They shouldn't just last for Baobao. We want to pass them on to Xiaobao and possibly beyond, but I don't want to put Xiaobao in clothes that look like they've been worn a million times.

So we've decided to only buy clothes that last from now on. I may occasionally try different brands, but if they don't still look amazing after a handful of washes, I won't buy from them again.

Here are the 5 brands we have found that last:

moromini is a small brand from Sweden. It focuses on beautiful, bright and bold prints that stay vibrant wash after wash. All of their fabrics are GOTS certified, which also means they're ethically produced. Baobao chooses the moromini dresses that we have as soon as they are clean.

Om Baby is run by a wahm in my local area. She is amazing - focusing her clothing specifically on ease of movement, comfort, cloth nappy fit and amazing prints. Baobao has been wearing her jungle print omsie for over a year now and it still looks brand new. Plus the bibs are bamboo backed, making them perfect for dribbly (or refluxy) babies.

Mini Rodini is one of our favourite brands. Hailing from Sweden, they boast bright, beautiful prints, 99% sustainable materials and quality that lasts. Baobao has had the unicorn top for over a year now and it still looks like new. I will definitely be buying a few key pieces from here as she grows.

My all time favourite print is from Modeerska Huset. I loved it so much Baobao had it in size 68 and 86. This dress is about to get it's second summer of wear and still looks as lovely as it did when Baobao first wore it in May 2016. Another brand hailing from Sweden, that uses 100% sustainable cotton.

Albababy are a brand from Denmark, that use completely Oeko-Tex certified materials and organic cotton. They pride themselves on producing collections that can be mixed and matched endlessly, making them perfect for a capsule wardrobe, and on producing clothes that can be passed on to siblings. This particular pair of dungarees were bought second hand and still look amazing.

The following two brands can be a little more hit and miss, depending on the item of clothing you get. Mostly I would use these for basics, such as vests, underwear, basic tops and leggings.

Polarn o Pyret is another Swedish brand that I love. Their leggings and basic tops are amazing. I found their dresses greyed quite quickly though.

Little Green Radicals are a London based brand, specialising in fairtrade cotton garments. I've found that their sweatshirt materal items bobble easily. Their collar tunic dresses and pointelle tops are amazing though. The dress is on it's second summer and is still going strong and the pointelle top has been worn on and off for the last year, and hardly looks worn. I'm hoping to add a couple more when Baobao goes into the next size.

Do you agree with the brands I have chosen to build Baobao's wardrobe around? What childrenswear brands do you recommend for longevity?