Monday, 22 May 2017

30 Days Wild: An Introduction and Some Preparation

In June, we will be taking part in 30 Days Wild, a challenge set by The Wildlife Trusts, to do something wild every day for the thirty days in June.

This week we have been preparing for our 30 Days Wild challenge. our plan is to allow Baobao to spend as much time as possible exploring nature and engaging in outdoor play. We will be working within the limitations of the urban environment, but want to show that toddlers can experience nature in cities.
Our 30 Days Wild pack
Singing in the rain
In order to prepare, I've allowed Baobao to explore more over the last week, by going at her pace and focusing on the things that she finds.

Spotting a snail on a wall
Searching for stones and flowers
Practising blowing dandelions
It has been really interesting to see that Baobao can find nature anywhere. It's as if at such a young age she's in tune with it. Walking down a busy road, in the park or on a quiet side road, she can easily spot some nature.
Discovering ant colonies
Our main reason for getting involved in 30 Days Wild, is to encourage Baobao to connect with nature wherever she is, as well as encouraging me to take her a little further afield, now that Xiaobao is a little older. This is really important to us, because of the myriad benefits to connecting with nature.

Meeting a friendly cat
Seeing how far the water will splash
Making footprints
Connecting with nature, leads to increased physical activity and enhanced social skills, such as an improved self-image and problem solving skills. It also improves creativity, cognitive ability and self-discipline (Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature). Spending time outdoors helps children to learn across the board and 30 Days Wild is a great way to kick start that learning.

Spotting a bumblebee on a flower

Will you be taking part in 30 Days Wild? How will you be helping your child to connect with nature?

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