Monday, 8 May 2017

5 Clothing Brands That We Love

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about clothes. Baobao has been in the same size clothes for nearly a year now - 12-18 months/86 - and so, we have been trying to use the same clothes for that amount of time. It's really made me realise what brands wash well, time after time, and which brands have faded or become almost unwearable after 3, 6 or 9 months.

We really want longevity out of our clothes. They shouldn't just last for Baobao. We want to pass them on to Xiaobao and possibly beyond, but I don't want to put Xiaobao in clothes that look like they've been worn a million times.

So we've decided to only buy clothes that last from now on. I may occasionally try different brands, but if they don't still look amazing after a handful of washes, I won't buy from them again.

Here are the 5 brands we have found that last:

moromini is a small brand from Sweden. It focuses on beautiful, bright and bold prints that stay vibrant wash after wash. All of their fabrics are GOTS certified, which also means they're ethically produced. Baobao chooses the moromini dresses that we have as soon as they are clean.

Om Baby is run by a wahm in my local area. She is amazing - focusing her clothing specifically on ease of movement, comfort, cloth nappy fit and amazing prints. Baobao has been wearing her jungle print omsie for over a year now and it still looks brand new. Plus the bibs are bamboo backed, making them perfect for dribbly (or refluxy) babies.

Mini Rodini is one of our favourite brands. Hailing from Sweden, they boast bright, beautiful prints, 99% sustainable materials and quality that lasts. Baobao has had the unicorn top for over a year now and it still looks like new. I will definitely be buying a few key pieces from here as she grows.

My all time favourite print is from Modeerska Huset. I loved it so much Baobao had it in size 68 and 86. This dress is about to get it's second summer of wear and still looks as lovely as it did when Baobao first wore it in May 2016. Another brand hailing from Sweden, that uses 100% sustainable cotton.

Albababy are a brand from Denmark, that use completely Oeko-Tex certified materials and organic cotton. They pride themselves on producing collections that can be mixed and matched endlessly, making them perfect for a capsule wardrobe, and on producing clothes that can be passed on to siblings. This particular pair of dungarees were bought second hand and still look amazing.

The following two brands can be a little more hit and miss, depending on the item of clothing you get. Mostly I would use these for basics, such as vests, underwear, basic tops and leggings.

Polarn o Pyret is another Swedish brand that I love. Their leggings and basic tops are amazing. I found their dresses greyed quite quickly though.

Little Green Radicals are a London based brand, specialising in fairtrade cotton garments. I've found that their sweatshirt materal items bobble easily. Their collar tunic dresses and pointelle tops are amazing though. The dress is on it's second summer and is still going strong and the pointelle top has been worn on and off for the last year, and hardly looks worn. I'm hoping to add a couple more when Baobao goes into the next size.

Do you agree with the brands I have chosen to build Baobao's wardrobe around? What childrenswear brands do you recommend for longevity?

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