Monday, 15 May 2017

Baobao's Favourites: 26 Months

A few things have changed since our last Baobao's Favourites post. We have drastically reduced Baobao's toys, so that we don't have to rotate them anymore. She has one Ikea PS 2017 shelf, a box of animals, a kitchen, an easel, a ride on toy and a dressing up area in our playroom/living room. Upstairs she has a couple of toys and her duplo, and for outdoors we have a scooter and a ball. Of the toys left, we've tried to leave fairly open ended toys.

As it is, Baobao is going through a very physical phase right now. This means her favourites are mostly for physical activities.

Creatimber Balance Board

Since our Creatimber board arrived a month ago, Baobao has played with it daily. It has been a rocker, a bed, a slide, a ramp, a tunnel, a hill and a den. Most of all, Baobao likes to use it to do sit ups though.


Baobao loves fabric. I wanted some play silks, but had some crushed velvet leftover from making altar cloths. Baobao uses them to dress up, make dens and as habitats for her play animals.

Ikea Plufsig Gym Mat

Baobao loves her gym mat. At first we got it for rolypolys, but Baobao also uses it as part of an obstacle course, for jumping off of and for practising jumping up to different heights. Today it is being used as a hospital bed for dolly.

Ikea Duktig Kitchen
It's nearly a year since Baobao received her play kitchen. There isn't a day that goes by when she doesn't play with it. Earlier this year we removed her play food and her play has improved exponentially. Currently she uses scraps of felt as food that she can stir.

Ikea Leka Baby Gym
If I said that Baobao had used the baby gym more than Xiaobao had in the last few months, it would be true. She loved exploring the Montessori inspired items that were hanging off it previously. Not one was removed, because Xiaobao had become bored of it. They were all changed once Baobao had broken one. Now that we are using the items that came with it, Baobao enjoys removing and attaching them. Most of all Baobao enjoys leaning on it and kicking her feet to exercise.

So here are some of Baobao's favourites in the last month. What toys did your children enjoy at 26 months? What toys do you recommend we try out?

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