Monday, 1 May 2017

Baobao's Activity Time: Beltane 2017

The wheel of the year continues to turn and we have hit May, which means it is now Beltane. Que dancing around a may pole and jumping over fires. Like all of the spring festivals, Beltane is all about celebrating life. After a difficult few months adjusting to our own new life, this is exactly what we plan to do.

So here are a few of our activities that we plan to do in celebration of Beltane and spring:

Decorate a May Bush
We have decorated our nature table tree with ribbons, scraps of cloth, felt flowers, animal decorations and wooden eggs

Make Honey Bread
Baobao has helped to make bread using a bread maker before, but never by hand. This honey bread recipe looks healthy and will allow her to see how to make bread by hand.

Dancing with Ribbon Sticks
Baobao's ribbon stick and ribbon rings are some of her favourite toys. She loves running around and twirling with them. Our plan is to take them to our local park and to play with them as part of our local May fair.

Read 'The Flowers' Festival'
Although this book is a little too long and difficult for Baobao at this point in time, I plan to read a simplified version for her.

What are you doing in preparation for Beltane? 

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