Thursday, 11 May 2017

Baobao's Activity Time: Colour Choosing Fun

At around 8 months of age, babies can begin to have favourite colours. To test this theory, I set up a simple activity for Baobao to take part in. On a black background, I placed some different colour books and looked to see which ones she would choose. 

 I used her Pantone Box of Colour Board Books, which were her souvenir from a trip to the National Portrait Gallery earlier in the year. These books are brilliant for showing that colours have various shades.

At first, Baobao chose a red book. Red is a strong primary colour and is one of the first colours that children can see clearly.

After that she chose a blue book, another strong primary colour that is easy to see.

While I used the colour books, you could use other sets of toys, that although similar are different colours. For instance, I would use the her rainbow friends or the pegs from her hammer and peg set. The possibilities for customisation are endless.

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