Thursday, 25 May 2017

Planning Next Steps for a Toddler with Development Matters

Even though I've been a Stay at Home Mum for over a year now, I haven't fully left the teacher part of me behind. I suppose for me it's part of of being interested in home education. Whenever I'm a little worried about Baobao's development, I dip back into Development Matters and try to look at what she can do objectively.

I haven't looked at Development Matters since before Xiaobao arrived. Instead I wanted to give Baobao time to get used to the changes in her life. I have been wondering how she is doing and what I could do with her now that Xiaobao is a little older.


-may form a special friendship with another child (Making Relationships 22-36 months)
Friendship can obviously never be forced, but I can provide opportunities for them to form. Ways to promote this include attending the same toddler groups weekly, so that Baobao socialises with the same mix of children weekly, and meeting up with friends with children regularly.

-aware of own feelings and knows that some actions or words can hurt others (Managing Feelings and Behaviour 30-50 months)
Baobao is becoming better and better at naming her own feelings now, but isn't always aware that her actions can hurt others. This is the part I want to continue working on with her. We will continue to name her emotions, but also name our own, so that she becomes more and more aware that we have the same emotions she does. We will also continue to intervene when she might hurt someone physically, by saying "I won't let you ........ That hurts." Over time, with lots of repetition she'll learn it.

-beginning to understand how and why questions (Understanding 30-50 months)
-beginning to use more complex sentences (Speaking 30-50 months)

Listening, understanding and speaking is mostly improved by talking. So Ill continue to model good listening, by giving her my full attention as much as I can and asking her to wait when I can't. When reading or talking about something we can see, I'll continue to introduce how and why questions, further expanding my question if she doesn't understand and help reframe her sentences, by joining them together. For instance if she says "I scream when baba came home. I love baba." I will reply "You screamed when baba came home, because you love baba."

-moves freely with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways.(Moving and Handling 30-50 months)
Baobao can already move in a range of ways, but hasn't learnt to slither, shuffle, hop or skip yet. For now, I will just model them, when we dance or play, as funny ways for me to move, hoping that she will copy and in time learn those movements too.

-observes the effect of activity on their body (Health and Self-care 30-50 months)
This is a next step where I need to be observant. When I see Baobao engaging in physical activity and becoming hot or out of breath, I need to remark that she is feeling that way because she has been exercising. Over time, she will begin to notice she is feeling that way more and more, and in time comment on it herself.

-enjoys rhyming and rhythmic activities (Reading 30-50 months)
This is something I definitely don't do enough of with Baobao. We now need to sing more nursery rhymes,  read poems and rhyming stories, focusing on the natural rhythm and rhyme. I will also play some rhyming games with Baobao, by showing her two objects that rhyme. Saying the name of one and the name of the other and showing her that they sound the same at the end. As she becomes more aware of rhyme, I will begin to add an object that doesn't rhyme and ask her to chose the two that do.

-begins to make comparisons between quantities (Numbers 22-36 months)
Baobao has become more and more interested in numbers recently. She enjoys counting objects, while working on one-to-one correspondence and counts to 3 in mandarin. For comparing quantities, I plan on doing more cooking with Baobao. Cooking is a wonderful activity for building mathematical skills, especially focusing on quantities. I can compare the amount we are using to the amount left over, the amount of food each person is eating and the numbers of items we put in to each section of her yumbox.

-learns that they have similarities and differences that connect them to and distinguish them from others (People and Communities 22-36 months)
Baobao is beginning to know that some people like different things to her. She knows for example that she loves eating peanut butter, but that I don't like it, or that I say delicious and her baba says haochi. We always tell her that it is ok to like different things. This is what we will continue to do as she gets older, comparing similarities and differences and showing her that the world is a beautiful, diverse place.

-imitates movement in response to music (Exploring and Using Media and Materials 30-50 months)
At the moment, we mostly listen to I am going to begin to introduce some more safe pop music, as well as known action rhymes for Baobao and I to dance to in the afternoons. A specific time slot after she wakes from her nap. There I will encourage her to both make up her own movements and copy some of mine.

-taps out simple repeated rhythms (Exploring and Using Media and Materials 30-50 months)
Baobao loves playing her musical instruments with me, although we haven't been able to do it as much as I would like lately. I haven't really tried to get her to copy me, especially as we often only have one of each instrument. I think now is a good time to introduce it though.

You'll notice that most of the ways I will help Baobao involve modelling, talking with her and play. The best way to learn at this age is through modelling and play, so most of what I will do with Baobao will involve that.

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