Sunday, 14 May 2017

Switch for Six: Week 3 - More Lows and a Decision

Week 3 has been a little bit of a blur. Baobao had to have a hospital stay, due to a chest infection and we're still having issues with fit for Xiaobao. In a way it feels like we're having so many setbacks, but the more I think about it the more I realise that we just might not be trying hard enough.

Day 15
Baobao has been in hospital overnight. She had pneumonia back in February and now every time she gets sick it goes to her chest. She was finding it so difficult to breathe on Sunday night that it felt like we had to take her to a&e. This meant that she was in disposables, because we didn't know how long she would need to be there and Baba wanted to "pack light".

Day 16
It feels like we're really getting there. Baobao is back home. We're in cloth and it all fits. No leaks and pretty cloth bums all day. It's days like these where it feels like it could work.

Day 17
How can it all change so quickly? How can we be back to fit issues? Every medium with small pouch has leaked through completely today.  m/l/xl pouches proved to be too big too, with a massive poonami and full clothes change to prove the point. I knew we would have to change things up again soon, but didn't realise it would be this quick.

Day 18
Disposables for Xiaobao again. I'll have to wait until she's a little bigger to get into mediums. Possibly within the next week. We'll try again on Monday. 

We met a lovely mummy at a toddler group today, who's little one was wearing a birth to potty all-in-one nappy. It's got me thinking. We didn't really get on with AIOs with Baobao. She has been a g girl throughout. Baobao and Xiaobao have such different shapes though, Baobao having a long body and short legs and Xiaobao having a more average body and long legs, so it would make sense for them to suit different nappies. I'll have to investigate more.

Day 19
Another day of same old same old. Baobao in cloth all day. Xiaobao in disposables.

Day 20
Baba is home. He put a disposable on Baobao, because we were going to his mum's house. She keeps nappies there for when Baobao stays all day. I don't mind that. I know cloth isn't for every one. I understand that Baobao will be in disposables when she stays there. I don't understand why she is in disposables if we are there with her. So we discussed it and he plans on using sticking with cloth next time.

Day 21
We've finally worked out what has been causing Baobao's random leaks, About 8 of our m/l/xl pouches have reached the end of their lifespan. Hopefully replacing them with some of the new ones that I had leftover upstairs and taking them out of rotation will help.

Xiaobao on the other hand is still in disposables. I'm a little resigned until we work out the fit issues. On the plus side, she now fits into her Om Baby hi-summer harems, which are cut perfectly for cloth. Can't wait to get them on her with a nice big cloth bum. I'm asking around for some second hand birth-to-potty AIOs and pockets too, to give them a try on Xiaobao. I would be sad to admit it, but I need to know if she's not a g girl.

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