Sunday, 7 May 2017

Switch for Six: Week 2 - Vaccinations, Cuddles and a Blow Out Leak

Week 2 is supposed to be easier than week 1 right? Too bad I hadn't factored in vaccinations! Xiaobao received her 12 week vaccinations this week, which included the oral vaccine for rotavirus. I was informed by the nurse that we shouldn't use cloth nappies for at least a week, although further research has made us switch back sooner, with a revised washing schedule. The Australian Nappy Association page is very informative on how to care for nappies after having the rotavirus vaccine.

Day 8
Don't you love a bank holiday? Ours was spent catching up on chores. Xiaobao doesn't really like being put down for longer than 5-10 minutes at a time and Baobao loves to help, so jobs always take longer than that, so not much gets done if I'm honest, so it was great to be able to catch up a little.

The best part about a bank holiday is Baba being home. Selfishly, this means no nappy changes for me. Baba is very much on board with cloth nappy use and even manages to get the dirty nappies into the wetbag. We had a few issues with him learning where the knicker line was when Baobao was little, but that was quickly remedied when I showed him why it was called the knicker line.

We finally worked out the best fit for Xiaobao too. Medium gPants with a small pouch is the way to go for her right now. She's so long, that I'm sure she'll be fully in mediums by the time we finish the six weeks. For now though, no leaks :D

Day 9
It's vaccine day. We acted out the process on Baobao's baby, since last time Xiaobao had her vaccinations, Baobao became extremely upset. Xiaobao coped really well. She even smiled at the nurse at the end.

The day featured lots of cuddles, breastfeeding and sleep for Xiaobao and unfortunately a day of disposables. Disposables for Xiaobao, who was having the vaccination and disposables for Baobao, just in case I couldn't change as quickly as I would like.

On a more positive note, our gorgeous wetbags (and my new breastpads) arrived from Little Sunshine Hut on eBay. The wetbags are huge and customer service was amazing. Now to see if they're good quality.

Day 10
Wednesday is our first day of the week with a group we attend and now that Baobao was feeling better, we decided to attend. Baobao was in cloth. It lasted from around 8:30am until nearly 2pm! I would normally have changed it earlier, but Baobao fell asleep when we were on our way home. It seems as if a gcloth and a two layer bamboo can last us at least 4 hours, even with big toddler wees.

Xiaobao did not have as much luck. Still in disposables, she had a massive poo leak. The poo went all down her legs, through a vest and her leggings. Totally not what I need while I am out. To make it worse, Baba had taken the nappy sacks out of the changing bag, so I only had one wetbag for the clothes, but nowhere to put the soiled nappy. All I could think while I was changing her was:
"This wouldn't have happened in a g."

Lesson of the day: Make sure your bag is fully stocked before you go out.

Day 11
I don't know what caused it, but Baobao had the strangest poo today. It was grainy, making it very difficult to wash off. Worst of all some flaked on to the wrap part of her nappy. It might seem silly to get upset about a nappy getting poo on it, but it meant that I didn't have another wrap I could use. gNappies come in three parts - the outer wrap, the inner pouch and an insert. The outer cloth part is reusable, so I usually only pack one and alternate between it and the one she is wearing. It meant a rush home after getting Xiaobao weighed and really hoping that Baobao wouldn't need a nappy change before we got home. 

Lesson of the day: Pack more than one wrap each.

Day 12
After reading around a little more about the rotavirus vaccine and cloth nappies, Xiaobao is back in cloth again. Even more exciting is the face that her new recovers from Sewstoppers arrived. Melanie works extremely fast, has the most amazing customer service and the quality of her work is incredibly high. 

I've never thought of doing a recover before, but it's amazing just how much it can change your perspective. I had been thinking of selling these particular play wear condition gNappies, because I had lost my love for them. The new recovers have made them two of my favourite nappies. So much so that I want to have more made from my other play condition nappies.

Day 13
So I should have relayed the lessons I learnt this week more clearly to Baba. While out shopping this morning, we had to buy emergency wipes. Baba went to change both of the girls' nappies and there were no wipes. He had packed the bag while I was feeding Xiaobao. Today it was his turn to learn the lesson, or my lesson was to check the bag before we go. It's day two of them both in cloth though, and with no more vaccines until the end of the month it feels like we're getting there.

Day 14
We ran out of Xiaobao's cloth nappies this morning and the new wetbag wasn't even full. I counted the inserts as I hung them out 10 small gNappies and 11 m/l/xl gNappies. This bodes well for when Xiaobao goes into m/l/xl pouches soon.

I'm really glad I made the switch to a wet bag though. I only had to unzip it and put it in the washing machine. No touching the bottom of the net or cleaning the bucket. Now I just need to pass the bucket and nets on to another family considering cloth.

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