Sunday, 21 May 2017

Switch for Six: Week 4 - Almost Potty Training

It's been a funny old week. Xiaobao was in cloth for half of the week (we need more bith-to-potty nappies) and Baobao briefly decided it was time to potty train. All in all though, it has been a positive week, where the number of cloth nappies have outweighed the disposables. Now to keep building on these foundations.

Day 22
When you buy locally things can go really quickly. I asked online for some preloved birth to potty nappies. This evening my husband picked so Little Lamb pocket nappies up from a fellow cloth using mummy and were put in with a colour wash. The inserts were put into the bath to soak over night. Hopefully they'll work for Xiaobao.

Day 23
Success! The birth to potty nappies fit Xiaobao really well. No leaks and two children in cloth.
Baobao did decide she didn't want to wear nappies today. I went with it, because I want her to feel like I trust her. She went nearly 4 hours without a wee and then unfortunately peed on the floor. She got so upset and we had a gentle talk about whether she had known it was coming. She said it just suddenly came, so we're going to try again when she feels ready.

This has highlighted for me how unprepared we are. I'm going to start researching potty training pants for nap time and pick up some fun comfy underwear for when she is ready. That way if she decides to train at the beginning of the week, I don't have to wait for my husband to take us shopping. I just have everything there.

Day 24
We had a bit of a wicking issue today. My husband put Xiaobao's nappy on incorrectly and so some of the wee went on to her clothes through the top of the nappy.
Note to self: Watch birth-to-potty fit videos with him.

Day 25
Four birth-to-potty nappies obviously aren't enough, so Xiaobao has been in disposables again today and what a disaster that was. A vest and a top completely ruined and breastfeeding poo on both me and my sister. We need to get a few more birth-to-potty nappies or hope that she is ready for medium gNappies soon.

Day 26
Today's the first day in a while when I've put both children in disposables in the day time. Xiaobao was so upset when I put her down to change Baobao's nappy that I needed it to be the quickest change possible. I know though, had we not had the disposables in the house, I wouldn't have been able to make that decision. If only we could do night nappies, but my husband doesn't like them.

Day 27
One in cloth, one in disposables and a full nappy wash drying on the airer. They'll both be in cloth again tomorrow.

Day 28
I finally sent off the supporting documents for the RNfL voucher today. It's only taken me 4 weeks. Other things just always got in the way. Once it comes through, I'll be able to use it towards some more birth-to-potty nappies for Xiaobao. It will really help, as £50 is quite a big outlay.

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