Sunday, 28 May 2017

Switch for Six: Week 5

This week has been a bit of a blur. Generally it has been positive nappy wise. Baobao is pretty much only in cloth during the day and Xiaobao is 1 day on 2 days off due to lack of nappies. Hopefully the new nappies bought with our RNfL voucher will improve that.

Day 29
Our cloth nappy voucher arrived this morning from Real Nappies for London. I only applied yesterday and it's already here. Now to decide on which nappies to get for Xiaobao. I already know Little Lamb pocket nappies work for her, so am planning to get a couple more pocket nappies, but I may try a couple of different brands to see if any work better.

Day 30
Two in cloth is becoming easier and easier. As long as Xiaobao's nappies are clean, she is wearing them and as long as I change regularly enough we get no leaks. They also contain massive poosplosions, where as disposables always mean a massive leak. I'm so glad Switch for Six motivated me to get back into cloth.

Day 31
I introduced another mummy to cloth today. She was interested in Baobao's beautiful nappy. We do love sharing the g love.

I tried Xiaobao in medium gs again today. There's a massive gap between the pouch and her bottom. I'm starting to think they may just not be the nappy for her shape and that birth to potty pocket nappies will be better. I'm sad though, because we have a significant stash of medium gcovers, but if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be.

Day 32
Baobao is becoming more frustrated at nappy changes again. It's the same whether she's in cloth or disposables. She just doesn't want to be wearing them. She asked again to go without a nappy this afternoon. We lasted 5 minutes before she wet herself. She's so desperate to be independent and grown up, but her body just isn't ready. Not really sure what to do.

Day 33
It was glorious weather today. Baobao was in gNappies, which are breathable and so are perfect for the heat. Unfortunately all of Xiaobao's nappies were in the wash.

I finally ordered some new nappies for her today. I went for a bumGenius 5.0, a Milovia pocket nappy and a Baba + Boo one size nappy. I wonder which one will work best.

Day 34
I hadn't managed to get the nappies in the wash in time, so they were still wet this morning. Two in disposables for the day unfortunately. 

Day 35
Baobao has been in disposables today, as she went out for the day with her grandma. Xiaobao, because I just haven't gotten around to making the nappies. To top it all off, Baobao is ill again. All in all a bad day for nappies.

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