Sunday, 4 June 2017

5 Wild Things To Do With A Poorly Toddler

Baobao is a little under the weather today. She fell asleep two hours early and has just been all out of sorts. It's one of those times, when you want to stay at home, just to try to ward off anything getting worse. 30 Days Wild is still going on though, so we still wanted to do something wild.

Here are some of the things we thought of doing:

  1. Read a nature based book
    One of Baobao's favourite things to do when ill is snuggle up under a blanket and read a story together. Some of our books currently on rotation include Gerda Muller's 'Spring' Eric Carle's 'The Very Busy Spider' and Juila Donaldson's 'The Gruffalo'
  2. Watch a nature live cam
    Springwatch has a few different live cams of birds, mammals and minibeasts daily. They offer a great way to discuss and look at wildlife from at home
  3. Watch nature through the window
    On this occasion we had rain, but you could watch the clouds go by, watch the bees in a tree or even leaves on the wind. What is happening outside of your window?
  4. Listen to nature inspired music
    This year, we have really gotten into listening to classical music. When we're home, we have Classic FM on. Some of our favourite nature inspired pieces include 'Flight of the Bumblebees' and Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons'.
  5. Make nature inspired art
    If your little one is up to it, you could make some nature inspired art. Paint flowers, butterflies or trees, or make a collage using materials found on previous excursions.

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