Friday, 2 June 2017

Rainy Day, Wild Times

We saved our wild adventure for our trip to the GP today. We got caught in a rain storm and experienced all the wonder that brings. We sang in the rain, jumped in puddles, got completely soaked and changed outfits. Plus we counted as many snails as we could find. We lost count at 20. Baobao's favourite part of today's adventure was experimenting with fallen cherries, stepping on the cherries to see which were easier to squash - red or green?

Watching a rainstorm and singing 'I hear thunder'
On the way to the GP, we got caught in a massive downpour
Our GP has a sycamore tree outside of it, so Baobao chose one helicopter seed pair
After the rain, we found snails everywhere. We lost count around 20.
We also found a cherry tree on our walk. Baobao tried stepping on both the red cherries and the green, to see which squashed more easily.

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