Thursday, 1 June 2017

Waldorf Inspired Minibeast Peg Dolls

Last Month, as part of a Facebook Waldorf Inspired Handcraft Swap, I made these adorable minibeast peg dolls. The theme was Summer and butterflies, bees and ladybirds seemed fitting minibeasts for this time of year.

I started by painting the peg dolls using watered down acrylic. The ladybird and the butterfly only needed one coat, but the little yellow bee needed two.

The butterfly had little gold dots on, that I put on using a gold metallic marker. Once I had finished painting the peg dolls and they had had a few days to fully dry, I rubbed them with a beeswax and olive oil mix, to seal the colour.

While I was waiting for the oil to finish sealing the dolls, I began working on the accessories. I made a template on paper for each of the wings and then cut them out so they were all the same. The bee and the butterfly each had two pieces of felt stitched together with a simple blanket stitch. The bee then also a felt stripe and a felt crown.

The teeny tiny ladybird had only one layer of felt, which I decorated with a blanket stitch. I glued them all on with a little pva.

Here are some photos of our little peg dolls in their natural habitat, our summer nature table:

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