Saturday, 3 June 2017

Yeye's Garden Is Wild Too

Today we went to visit Nainai, Baobao and Xiaobao's paternal grandmother. Yeye, Baobao's paternal grandfather, is currently visiting his parents in Beijing, so we have been trying to visit more so that Nainai doesn't get too lonely. 

Since retiring, Yeye has been working hard on his garden and Baobao loves helping. Since he wasn't here today, we took the opportunity to safely explore the pond area, as well as feeling the different plants. Baobao found a dandelion and some minibeasts. We also ate outside, enjoying the experience of eating dinner al fresco.

We ended the day by lying on a blanket outside watching the clouds go by.

We looked for wildlife in Yeye's pond.
Exploring the plantlife in Yeye's garden. He's not here so we can gently touch his plants.
Yeye's garden even had Baobao's favourite type of flower - a dandelion that she can blow.
We found snail shells hidden in Yeye's plants.
A froghopper joined us on the picnic blanket, where we ate dinner.
After dinner we lied down on the blanket and watched the clouds go by
What shapes can you see?

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