Thursday, 20 July 2017

Grapat Rhythm Of Life Perpetual Calendar

We were sent this calendar by One Hundred Toys to review.
All views expressed are my own.

Baobao has been really interested in days of the week recently, so when we were given the opportunity to review Grapat's Rhythm of Life Perpetual Calendar I jumped at the chance.
It arrived packaged beautifully
Grapat is a family-run business from Spain, that focuses on the open-ended toys that their daughter loves. All of their toys are made from local, sustainable wood. Their products include beautiful peg dolls, called Nins, objects that can interact with the Nins, such as rings, coins and cups, as well as fine motor skills toys and of course beautiful calendars.

The beads come in this lovely reusable bag, to be stored in thin wooden bowls. The bowls are colour coordinated to the months of the year.
The Grapat Rhythm of Life Perpetual Calendar is designed so that children gain an understanding of the passing of time, by adding one bead a day every day for a year. They can see how the seasons progress and the circular nature of the year.
A selection of some of the beads
It includes 376 beads in 13 different colours - 366 to represent the different months and 10 extra beads for special days. Each of the colours represent a different month:

January - dark violet
February - blue
March - turquoise
April -  dark green
May - light green
June - pistachio
July - yellow
August - ochre
September - orange
October - red
November - bordeux
December - brown

Used in this combination, the colours of the beads represent the colours of the seasons. Blue to represent winter, green the spring, orange the summer and red and brown the autumn.

Our calendar on the wall, up until the 16th July (for size)
We changed the months that each colour represents for our use, so as to match more closely with our DIY Waldorf Inspired Perpetual Calendar. This was fairly easy to do, by taking out excess beads and painting some of the plain beads for special days.

Special beads for special days, these two are for Baobao and Xiaobaos birthdays
I seriously underestimated just how long this calendar would be. I'm not entirely sure how. Each bead is about 1cm, so a years worth of beads would easily stretch across my entire living room. It proved to be quite cumbersome. We decided to hang it on the wall for ease of use. 
Ribbons are provided for tying on to represent a change in season
Tying the ribbons on for the change of season acts as a brilliant way to show children how the wheel of the year actually works. With some seasonal books, it has really helped Baobao gain an understanding of the seasons we have experience so far this year.

Counting along the beads to find our what today's date is, gives Baobao the opportunity to count above 15 on a daily basis, helping her number recitation and counting with one-to-one correspondence skills. 

The Grapat Rhythm of Life perpetual calendar with our own DIY perpetual calendar.
All in all, I have really enjoyed using the Grapat Rhythm of Life Perpetual Calendar with Baobao over the last week. I can see it becoming a part of our regular daily rhythm, counting along the beads to find out today's date and changing our DIY Perpetual Calendar to match. This will hopefully give Baobao and later Xiaobao a greater understanding of time and the rhythm of the year.

If you like the look of the Grapat Rhythm of Life Perpetual Calendar, it's on sale on One Hundred Toys for £79.40.

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