Saturday, 8 July 2017

Plastic Free July: Week 1

So here we are, one week in. In some ways I feel like we've done well. In other ways it feels like we could have done better. I suppose that by not giving up all plastic at once, I'm always thinking about the amount of plastic that I am still using, rather than the plastic that I have already given up.

I want this post to be positive though, so here is my list of plastic I have pledged to give up this month, with how we have done this week.

  • Avoid lightweight plastic bags, by always carrying reusable shopping bags in the front of the changing bag - I have managed to not have any this week. We even went without using one for our loose vegetables and fruit from the supermarket today.
  • Avoid skincare products containing microbeads, by looking out for polyethylene, polypropylene, polymethylmethacrylate, PET, PTFE and PMMA. - I haven't had to buy any skincare products this week
  • Avoid buying new cleaning product bottles, either by refilling at a local shop that offers refills or by making our own cleaners where possible. - I haven't had to buy any cleaning products this week
  • Avoid using takeaway plastic straws, by opting not to use a straw or bringing a reusable straw with us. - Unfortunately, a local cafe gave us a straw in our drink. I didn't even realise that they would. Next time we will bring a reusable straw and use those before disposable straws are offered
  • Avoid using takeaway coffee cups, by bringing a reusable cup or sitting down and drinking from a real cup in the cafe - I stopped myself from buying coffee in a single use cup multiple times this week. Pretty sure just going without is saving me money.
  • Avoid using takeaway utensils and containers, by ordering less takeaway food, bringing our own containers or dining in - We ended up having one takeaway this week. Next time we're feeling like that we'll make something quick and easy, or take our own containers to the shop
  • Avoid using one-use plastic bottles, by no longer buying soft drinks and carrying a reusable water bottle - I have taken my bottle everywhere with me this week and not bought any single use plastic drinks bottles
  • Avoid using plastic food wrap, by storing leftovers in containers and making my own beeswax wraps - We have stored all of our leftovers in containers this week. I still need to make our own beeswax wraps.
  • Avoid buying plastic toys, by opting for sustainable wooden toys - I have bought toys this week. They are wooden or felt, from Yes Bebe and Myriad both ethical shops 
  • Avoid using plastic cotton buds, by buying cotton buds with cardboard tubes - I haven't had to buy any cotton buds this week
While there is some red there, the blue (and purple) outweighs it by far. I know these are the easier changes to make, but they are the beginning of what may be a long journey. Now to convince the husband to make more changes. 

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