Saturday, 15 July 2017

Plastic Free July: Week 2

Week 2, and we're getting there. We still need to work on remembering to bring things with us, such as reusable straws and cutlery, as well as having less takeaway. This week has been a terrible week for toddler and baby sleep (it's like they're working together to exhaust us), so we've had more takeaways than we would normally and we had a day out at a local festival, where we had to leave cutlery outside.

Here is how our week looked

  • Avoid lightweight plastic bags, by always carrying reusable shopping bags in the front of the changing bag - I have managed to not have any this week. We even went without using one for our loose vegetables and fruit from the supermarket today.
  • Avoid skincare products containing microbeads, by looking out for polyethylene, polypropylene, polymethylmethacrylate, PET, PTFE and PMMA. - I haven't had to buy any skincare products this week
  • Avoid buying new cleaning product bottles, either by refilling at a local shop that offers refills or by making our own cleaners where possible. - We bought some ironing water in a bottle. I need to rethink ironing water and research more, by looking into whether it is even necessary for modern irons.
  • Avoid using takeaway plastic straws, by opting not to use a straw or bringing a reusable straw with us. - We ended up having bubble tea at the local festival we went to. I need to look into reusable bubble tea straws, as well as looking for reusable straw brushes for the straws we already own. The ones we bought didn't come with a brush.
  • Avoid using takeaway coffee cups, by bringing a reusable cup or sitting down and drinking from a real cup in the cafe - I stopped myself from buying coffee in a single use cup multiple times this week. Pretty sure just going without is saving me money.
  • Avoid using takeaway utensils and containers, by ordering less takeaway food, bringing our own containers or dining in - The toddler is waking up twice a night and the baby is feeding through the night so we are exhausted. We need to work on having no takeaways next week. We are at least reusing any plastic containers.
  • Avoid using one-use plastic bottles, by no longer buying soft drinks and carrying a reusable water bottle - We took water bottles with us to our local festival, which had water refill stations run by Frank Water
  • Avoid using plastic food wrap, by storing leftovers in containers and making my own beeswax wraps - We have stored all of our leftovers in containers this week. I still need to make our own beeswax wraps. 
  • Avoid buying plastic toys, by opting for sustainable wooden toys - We bought a plastic toy as part of Amazon Prime Day. We wanted a coding toy for Baobao for her birthday in February, but the wooden coding toys are out of our price range. This one was perfect and will be her only gift outside of art supplies/subscriptions.
  • Avoid using plastic cotton buds, by buying cotton buds with cardboard tubes - I haven't had to buy any cotton buds this week
It's a bit more of a mixed bag this week. Moving towards being plastic free feels like a long journey. The number one thing we need to work on currently is takeaways and straws. We did look into a local vegetable box, who deliver with very little plastic, and have made the decision to move towards having that instead once the children are sleeping a little better.

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